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italy rail pass

You can also book them through the Trenitalia app (look for the rate called "Global Pass," which works for the single-country Italy Eurail Pass, too). It is not good on private rail lines such as the Italo high-speed trains or smaller private regional lines such as those in Puglia or between Naples and Sorrento. For first-class fares, add 50 percent. Railpass holders must pay a €10 reservation fee per trip (1st class pass = Business, 2nd class pass = Standard), which given the fares are relatively cheap anyway (for example, €45 Rome-Florence) doesn't make railpasses very good value in Italy. The ultimate train ticket for exploring Germany, this rail pass gives you: unlimited travel on Germany's trains, and additonal coverage in Italy, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland; FREE shipping to the United States; savings of 50% on a second adult traveling with another, with our popular Twin Pass. Roundtrip tickets are not available using a Eurail Pass or InterRail Pass. Pass-unfriendly countries: For almost any inter-city journey to, from or within France, Italy, Sweden, Spain & Portugal, a reservation has to be made and a fee paid, which you can reckon as €10 per train. Take as many trains as you want on each travel day. The fare rules for each train indicate whether seat reservations are necessary. Book a rail pass for various days or a … For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, Avoid train-station ticket lines whenever possible by using the, If you do use the ticket windows, be sure to stand in the, You can buy train tickets (and make seat reservations) at major. Italy Rail Passes Italy's trains have always been some of the least expensive means of getting around compared to just about any country in western Europe. Engage in La Dolce Vita, feast on giant bowls of pasta and taste aromatic wines while passing through the dazzling Italian landscapes! You can explore all available options on our sister website, June 25th Venice to Florence. As the digital answer to rail travel, the M-Pass facilitates seamless travel by downloading your pass to your phone. • General advice on deciding between first and second class There are rail passes that include just 3-5 countries, including Italy in some cases. All orders for passes and tickets are fulfilled by Rail Europe (not by Rick Steves' Europe). At the station Frecciadesk at the station High Speed lounges Lost property service Car park service Rent a car Easy rent Car rental with driver; On board Bike on board Transport of pets Entertainment on board Welcome drink and catering Other services Luggage transport Frecce and Eurostar (ES or Treni Eurostar Italia) - Frecce are Italy's fast trains that run only between most major cities. Most high-speed and long-distance trains require seat reservations. By clicking the "I ACCEPT" button below you acknowledge that passholder fares may only be used in combination with a valid Eurail Pass or Interrail Pass. All train stations are centrally located in the city centres, no long airport transfers needed. Youth, senior and family discounts available. Prices from € 105 View Italy Passes Interrail Global Pass. To validate an Italy Rail Pass: Open your Rail Pass and fill in your passport number. special discounts for boat and bus tours, attractions and shopping outlets in Germany Easy booking tool. Explore Italy with the popular Interrail Italy Pass! Eurail Global Passes are exceptional value for passengers who wish to travel in one or several European countries. For international journeys to or from France, make that €13-€30. Interrail Pass options for Italy Interrail Italy Pass.     •    FREE Travel Pack with each Eurail purchase. Choose between Eurail or Interrail passes, for exclusively Italy or multi-country options. Review and complete it here. Many trains in Italy and beyond offer a discounted fare between 30% & 50% off the Adult fare for Children. Fares shown on the map include reservations when required, but they cost extra when using a rail pass. Furthermore, a rail pass doesn't provide much hop-on convenience in Italy, since many trains require paid seat reservations (see below for more Italy-specific reservation advice). Eurail Global Passes are flexible — you can choose how many travel days you will need your pass for. Save as much as 10-30% OFF rail ►Rail Europe shopping cart: Have an order underway? Aside from the extra reservation fees required for certain classes of train (see above), Eurail passes cover all travel on trains run by the Italian State Railway (Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano). If a rail pass doesn't pencil out for your trip, you may be able to shave off the cost of your train tickets — or at least some of the hassle — with some of these tips: Check our general tips for buying point-to-point tickets. Your child will be assigned his/her own seat and children must be accompanied by an Adult when traveling on this offer. Note: An ItaliaPass does not entitle customers to use of passholder fares. The Eurail Italy Pass is the perfect way to uncover Italy's rich history, amazing food, and vibrant culture by train. Travel by train through Italy. An Italy rail pass allows visitors to easily access trains throughout Italy, while enjoying the high level of comfort, service and flexibility Italian train travel has to offer. Not for most people — think carefully before buying a rail pass, especially if your trip doesn't extend beyond Italy. Rail passes are 85% refundable. Offers you extensive rail travel in Italy and its islands. This is a railway pass that allows non-European residents to travel throughout Europe on the extensive rail network. 2019 Feefo Service Award. Includes Travel Wallet, Rail Map, Pass Guide and souvenir (with return of travel survey) Rail Passes are an excellent value if you want flexibility, if you plan to travel extensively throughout one or several countries, or if you plan to cover long distances during your travels. ©2020 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | 1 week in Italy is enough time to get a great overview of this rail-friendly country. Are you sure you want to continue. While the Trenitalia pass includes the cost of seat reservations, it doesn't cover as many classes of trains as the Eurail option, and its coverage restrictions are confusing.

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