Easy and Creative Animal Cell Model Ideas for Your Science Project

ANIMAL CELL MODEL IDEAS –Science class is always lots of fun! Learning science can be done in fun ways, especially when you learn the animal cell anatomy. One fun way to learn it is by knowing animal cell model ideas.

It allows you to understand the anatomy of the animal cell deeply. Besides, learning animal cell will be so much hard if you don’t know how to create the model. Why is it difficult? You must have known types of animal cell model.

As far as I am concerned, there are four types of model that you can create to learn such as 3D model, cake model, Jell-O model, and Styrofoam. The models provided to help you understand and learn to make your own animal cell model.

Here I will show you those models that may be your references in learning science. Each model does not require you special skill to create. You will only need the materials that can be gotten at the store or even at your house. These models will show you how to make it as well.

You will require home materials and some additional tools that you can get at the store.

3D Animal Cell Model

3D animal cell model

The 3D model is the most fun thing to create. It allows you to create a cell model with creativity involved.

No matter if you’re a student of elementary, middle, or high school, you can create it easily with step-by-step guide later in this article. Learning animal cell is a subject of middle and high school students.

Many kinds of organelle cell in an animal are quite complicated to learn if it is known only from a book. Nowadays, with internet and online guide, you can learn it easily with not so much effort to do.

Besides the animal cell, the plant cell is also included, but on this occasion, we will figure out how to create a cell model for the animal. Animal cell model is required for class project and group project.

Its complicated features, I can say, will make students confused. That is why you need something like a 3D model to help you understand.

Cake Animal Cell Model

An Edible Animal Cell Model

Learning in 3D Cake model also helps you to understand the subject deeply and comprehensively.

Before creating your 3D Cake model, you must know and understand the types of organelles and their functions, relationships between organelles, and differences between plant cells and animals if you want to build an accurate three-dimensional model.

The organelles are cell components or can be said as ‘organs’ of cells. You also have to understand the organelles in the cell if you want to make a model. The important thing is to understand the form of organelles first.

Usually, the colors on the cell components that we can see in textbooks are only used to distinguish one organelle from another and not even resemble the original color, so you can be a little creative with the color selection for the model to be made, but the shape must still be similar.

It is also important to understand how these organelles can be interconnected. For example, the endoplasmic reticulum (RE) is always near the cell nucleus because this type of organelle functions to process the protein used for DNA replication.

You must understand facts like this when building cell and organelle models. Recognize differences between plant cells and animal cells.

The most important thing that must be known from plant cells is that the outer walls are made of cellulose, large vacuole, and the presence of chloroplasts.

A large vacuole is a collection of water and enzymes covered by membranes, while chloroplasts are the inside of plant cells that convert sunlight into energy that can be used.

Jell-O Animal Cell Model

Jell-O animal cell model

On a certain point in career academic, a lot of students should create dioramas, models, or other projects directly as some follow-up of the lesson. Often the teacher uses projects as a way to unite information in students’ mind and add enjoyment to the class.

One of the very popular projects is a cell model. Many teachers ask students to draw a cell or make the models in a box or bag. Some students are so creative and make it from candle or soil. The others choose to get points from food and make edible cell models from Jell-O.

How To Make Jell-O Animal Cell Model

This cell model not only could be eaten and delicious, but they are also to show how cell truly is seen with giving students the ability to suspending “organelles” in Jell-O’s “cytoplasm”. This project is easy and fun to make both at home and at school.

Things that are needed:

  • Shallow Plastic Container
  • Jell-O (lemon color or other bright ones)
  • water
  • Knife
  • small Nectarine
  • roll-up Fruit (blue or purple)
  • Sixlets Candy
  • raisins
  • gummy Worm
  • Gobstoppers
  • Sprinkles candy
  • Gumdrops

Make Jell-O appropriately by following the instructions written in the package. This ensures “cytoplasm” to be sturdy enough to hold back the “organelles” and avoid them to fall from the part under the cell.

Pour Jell-O into a plastic container. The container will act as the wall or cell membrane. The square container is suitable for cell plant while form whatever works well for cell animals.

Place Jell-O in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes. Make sure it has enough time until it froze. Pull another stock and cut the nectarine into two pieces. Let the hole remains in half. Cut the roll-up fruit into ¼ inch pieces.

Tuck it in half nectarine with a hole to the center of Jell-O as a nucleus. Put down some gummy worm on one side of the nucleus as a rough RE (reticulum endoplasm).

Styrofoam Animal Cell Model

styrofoam Animal Cell

In science class, sometimes it is required to know and understand the structure and form of an animal cell or plants cell. In understanding such subject, a visual project that requires creativity both for students and teacher are definitely needed.

Hence, using a visual creative project like 3D cell model is great. Besides using handy materials like mentioned earlier, you can also use Styrofoam to build your 3D model. How do you make it? You’d better follow the instructions below.

  • First, determine the type of cell model you’re going to build. You should adjust the sizes and forms of the cell to the Styrofoam. Better use a real picture of the animal cell with colors to ease your creation process.
  • Collect all necessary materials to make your cell models. You will need two Styrofoam balls with a medium size. Spray with paint that matches with color picture cell and mark them with a permanent marker.
  • You will also need a toothbrush, name tags, pens, and a knife. Paint, markers, and Styrofoam balls can be bought at the local store or craft store near your place.
  • Mark the part of the cell on the surface of the Styrofoam using a permanent marker. After that, cover both Styrofoam balls with spray paint. You should do the outside part first so that you will not inhale the smoke. Set aside the painted balls to dry on top of a newspaper or plate paper.
  • Cut one of the Styrofoam balls, when it’s dried, divide into two parts using a knife. Make sure you adjust the color and size to the real picture of the cell model.

Use board marker to mark and draw the part in a cell with color that matches with the picture. The second Styrofoam ball will be used to represent the outside part of the cell.

  • Use a pen to make a label and to identify parts of the cell. Label items like membrane cell and nucleus, as well as other parts of the cell that you created. Write down the name on the label and fold the above part with puncture teeth.
  • Insert the puncture label tooth into your Styrofoam cell to identify different parts of the cell.

How to Make It

how to make Edible animal Cells

Animal cell subject in science class can be so complicated, that is why using a 3D model to learn about it is very helpful for students.

There are many types of animal cell that can be made into a 3D model project in science class, but most of it is provided with full colors. So, the students will be able to understand each part and name of cells part easily.

In the cell, there is a various bound of organelles membrane. These membranes’ responsibility is to take part in a certain function of the cell system.

Such a topic in science class is quite difficult to learn only with the book, but when teacher and students are involved in a creative project to build the 3D model, it will be easier.

The first thing to do is to try to understand the anatomy and parts of the cell like a typical eukaryotic.

One of the alternative ways that you can do is checking the form and structure of organelle in the cell. You can use an animal diagram. This will help you to generate innovative ideas for your project.

With a little creativity, you could prepare a model with a little less effort. Follow this step-by-step procedure to build animal cell models.

Material and tools needed

  • Sample picture of an animal cell with colors
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Playdough
  • Cardboard for pedestal
  • Cleanser pipe
  • T-Pins
  • Masking tape
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Cutter box
  • Knife and scissors


  • Step 1

Collect all the materials needed. Use a real picture of an animal cell with a large size and detailed with each part with a colorful pen or marker.

For the core cell, you can buy a small ball or block Styrofoam from the local store. You can make leftovers organelle cell from this Styrofoam.

  • Step 2

It is better to make organelle at first and stick to on basic cardboard with adhesive or pin. Then, prepare start cell, which should be created first. Keep in mind: to make organelle, you should measure the size to the actual model.

  • Step 3

Put it down on the basic cardboard and start building the animal’s cell models. In making the plasma membrane, you can use a big rubber bracelet and paint it with a brush. Then, paste it in the middle of the nucleus (Styrofoam) by using masking tape or glue.

  • Step 4

Cut off the Styrofoam into various shape with scissor that resembles organelle cell, and paint each of them with different colors. You should look at the actual animal cell model to avoid mistakes in coloring and naming the parts.

Then, plug in colored pieces to cardboard one by one. Make sure that they are placed in the correct position just like the model.

  • Step 5

To get a better understanding, prepare key on a sheet paper and illustrate various cell section. Make sure to write them all with correct spelling. Add some explanation about each function in one or two lines. The final step is documenting your project and you are ready to present your project in the science fair.

I hope you get ideas in creating your own animal cell model. Each step should be followed carefully. Or, if you have the guide book or other references, you can use them. One thing should be kept in mind in doing your project.

It is the colors and names of each part of the cell, especially, when you deal with the colors, parts, and names of the cell. As I mentioned earlier, the names of each part inside the cell are quite complicated, I can say. So, bear in mind!

Other Ideas of Animal Cell Models

1. Animal Cell Model – Cake

1. animal cell model cake
2. animal cell model cakefli
3. animal cell model cake

2. Edible Cell Model Jell-O

4. Jell-O Animal Cell Model
5. Jell-O Animal Cell Model
6. Jell-O Animal Cell Model

3. Delicious Animal Cell Cookies

7. Cookie Cell
8. Cookie Cell

4. Animal Cell Model from Clay

9. Animal Cell Model from Clay

5. Pizza Animal Cell Model

10. Pizza Animal Cell
11. Pizza Animal Cell

6. 3D Animal Cell Model

12. 3D Animal Cell Model

7. Sandwich Animal Cell

14. Sandwich Animal Cell
15. Sandwich Animal Cell

If you’re trying to find a basic edible alternative, you must try this sandwich cell model. You might need a large round biscuit or a piece of cake to make animal cells.

8. Shrinky Dinks Animal Cell Model

16. Shrinky Dinks Cell
17. Shrinky Dinks Cell

9. Lego Animal Cell Model

18. Lego Animal Cell Model
19. Lego Animal Cell Model

If you are truly a fan of Lego, the Lego cell model is the most ideal!

10. Cell Model from Rice Krispies

20. Rice Krispies Treat Cell

Finally, for one last delicious edible cell model suggestion, attempt this Rice Krispies cell model. Yummy!

After all, you can apply or practice the animal cell model ideas above. Whether you will do it for your school assignment of a science project, you should make the best one. Do not forget to ask your friends to help.

The animal cell model is quite difficult to make if you do it alone. I can say that science class is not always that complicated and require special skill. By using the animal cell model ideas above you can create your animal cell easily. Good luck!