45 Hot Backyard Ideas that’ll Transform Empty Space to Paradise

If you’re blessed enough to own a backyard, you have a world of opportunities. It’s no doubt that there are countless backyard ideas that can inspire you. The possibilities are such as turning it into a home office, an outdoor hideaway, or even a resort-like space.

As much as you love to get relax in the living room or in the bedroom, a backyard can be another true sanctuary around your home. In fact, this outdoor space can be as convenient, stylish, and inviting as your interior area. Plus, you can benefit that fresh air and nature, too!

That’s why it becomes an excellent idea to turn it into a more functional space instead of leaving it with no care. However, what can you do to get the most of your backyard and transform it into something more amazing?

Actually, there are a lot of possibilities on the way you approach the backyard. You can hire a landscape designer to help bring your backyard ideas into reality. However, if you don’t have enough budgets for hiring a professional, you can easily do a DIY project to cut off the funds.

The next question will be: what will you want to present in your backyard? Whether you are hiring a professional or doing the project yourself, you will need some great ideas to apply. Without clear ideas, you won’t know what to do with the space.

Thus, if you are interested to add a backyard remodel into your top list this year, I have some solutions for you. Here to make your dream comes true; I have put together some hot ideas to transform an empty backyard into a paradise.

So, if you long for a more awesome backyard space, but lack the ideas to create one, check out these backyard ideas right away!

1. Backyard Style Ideas

Backyard Style Ideas

Similar to indoor design, the outdoor design offers a lot of styles to choose from, too. You can go with a nice old traditional aesthetic along with many wooden furnishings or a modern minimal surface of the concrete with a few carefully manicured planters.

I found several backyard style ideas that are highly eye-catching out there. Here are a few of them that you shouldn’t miss!

Japanese Style

Japanese Style

Japanese style is not only stunning but also requires minimal maintenance. Bamboo furniture and fence provide an exotic touch to this outdoor space.

We shouldn’t forget the white sand or gravel which create an attractive ground cover to this backyard. If you have already grown some plants in the backyard, you can simply pour the gravel or white sand over the ground, so you don’t need to re-plant.

Modern Style

backyard modern style

When it comes to backyard ideas, applying modern style has always been one of the best methods. One of the benefits of this style is that it involves lots of smooth surfaces, which doesn’t need too much maintenance.

Then, it looks beautiful in monochromatic colors which are easy to arrange. More interestingly, you can incorporate minimal furnishings and decorations as well.

Mixing-up Style

Backyard Ideas Mixing-up Style

Just like your home interior, you can go with a mixing-up style in the backyard. This backyard has achieved such a great result with the idea.

When you don’t want to stick to one aesthetic or cannot afford to, there is no harm of mixing up the style. In this backyard, you can see a hint of oriental style and modern touch which looks unexpectedly good together.

Traditional Style

Backyard Traditional Style

Traditional style is another great option for backyard ideas. It’s just so inviting and homely. More importantly, it’s also easy to pull off.

This backyard has an outdoor kitchen counter which is paired with a few bar stools and a wooden dining table. That’s where you’ll have a nice space for receiving guests, cooking for them while enjoying the fresh air.

2. Backyard Layout Ideas

2. Backyard Layout Ideas

Another essential aspect of designing a backyard is indeed the layout. You won’t want your design to be random and awkward without the right layout.

Similar to backyard styles, you’ll have countless choices when it comes to layout. Depending on the available room in the backyard, you’ll need to find the right layout that can help you get the most of your space.

Impressive Small Backyard Layout


If you are looking for a nice layout for small backyard ideas, I recommend you to check out Foras Studio. They are professionals that create impressive landscapes by utilizing any available space.

Just like this backyard layout, you can see how they impressively break up the floor space between a gravel-covered mini garden and a patio with small trees, bushes, as well as box hedges.

Functional Backyard Layout

Functional Backyard Layout

When designing a backyard, it’s essential to figure out its future layout, no matter the available space is. It will help you avoid many design errors and keep it functional.

This design created by New Eco Landscape Design & Build showcases; a flawless layout for a narrow and small area. The soil patches and green beds are kept out of the way, while the seating spaces are highly functional.

Unique Backyard Layout

Unique Backyard Layout

Your backyard layout doesn’t always need to be standard. Take a peek at this awesome design which employs curvy lines as well as unique materials to set the greenery and seating areas.

Both the contrasting finishes and dynamic shapes of these backyard ideas make the most unique layout I’ve ever seen. You can adapt this look and apply it to your empty outdoor space.

Cool Backyard Layout


Separating area between green, cooking, and seating space isn’t easy, particularly in a narrow backyard. However, creative backyard ideas are always possible.

This backyard is a good example where the seating and cooking area are separated into two different parts. It can be a perfect solution for those who are thinking of stretching their legs on the lawn while having some guests for a BBQ.

3. Backyard Material Ideas

3. Backyard Material Ideas

You have got some inspirations for backyard remodeling based on the styles and layouts. Enriched your backyard ideas by considering the materials you use must be perfect then.

This beautiful backyard is designed by Michael Van Valkenburg, offering a casual, yet interesting outdoor space for getting relaxed after your busy day. The random patterned stone tile floors among the greenery are just unique and eye-catching.

Contemporary Wooden Backyard

Contemporary Wooden Backyard

In addition to the layout, you need to select the right materials for your design. Even though the wood has become a great choice for most people since it is warm and cheap, it needs regular refinishing to avoid rooting.

In this design by Michael Kramer and Karen Kramer, the wooden flooring and fence make a beautiful appearance against the rich green.

Stone Tiles Backyard

stone tile backyrad ideas

While wooden material makes an inviting atmosphere in your backyard, stone tiles create a modern sleek appearance. They are ideal for decking and flooring.

The stone flooring in this backyard goes well with the green grass around it. With a round table and a few armchairs, this outdoor space transforms into a convenient area for enjoying your morning coffee and newspaper.

Concrete and Wood Backyard

Concrete and Wood Backyard

A combination of wood and concrete is just right for modern backyard ideas. Concrete is effortless to mold into any form from a fire pit to a wall. It’s trendy and fits pretty well.

In this backyard designed by Design Trends, a mix of wood and concrete makes a unique seating area that seems amazing at first glance.

4. Landscaped Ideas for Backyard

4. Landscaped Ideas for Backyard

It’s no secret that your backyard will seem half empty with no green landscape. When it doesn’t need to be complex and elaborate, you shouldn’t forget to include it to your design.

This small backyard is designed with simplicity for sure. However, the green landscape here just makes a wonderful touch to the space. For more ideas, check these out!

Backyard with a Mound

Backyard with a Mound

Landscape designers are typically opting for a vertical garden to make things more appealing or to maximize the space. Then, adding a mound or two can give some freshness into the space.

These backyard ideas make a great example for you. The vertical green landscape and a small mound appear there against the wooden fence. Let them grow out and you’ll see how nice they turn out.

Multi-Level Landscape

Multi-Level Landscape

The designers of this backyard take another method to vertical landscaping in their project producing multiple wooden levels around it.

This kind of landscape can get the most of the space and let even a narrow area to have a lot of greenery. That’s why you should remember to go up when spreading wide isn’t possible.

Greenery Backyard Walls

Greenery Backyard Walls

In these backyard ideas, the designers go with a beautiful green wall which doesn’t eat up the small space, yet provides a fresh and unique look around it.

To add functionality in the backyard, two sets of small dining tables are placed against the green walls. For a spark of color, there is a floral centerpiece that makes a nice complement to this green space.

Cascading Garden

cascading backyards garden ideas

Backyard designs with multiple levels aren’t restricted to small space. You can simply benefit the free space and make an outdoor space where you can allow the kids to play around.

The cascading garden like this one created by Fossey Arora Design just makes the space more beautiful. You shouldn’t miss the crawling plants here which yield a ‘hanging garden’ look, too!

Two-Level Backyard

Two-Level Backyard

The other best backyard ideas will be dividing the space for various purposes. In this small backyard designed by New Eco Landscape Design & Build, the designers created two-level areas.

The lower level serves you a garden while the upper level is used as reading nooks and terraces. Since these two areas are created for lounging, they can be swapped into different zones quickly.

5. Backyard Garden Design Ideas

5. Backyard Garden Design Ideas

If you want to get the most of your outdoor space, a compromise between a garden and backyard is more than possible.

For a garden that needs more than several plants, an outdoor pool and kitchen may need to compete for being a feature there. However, you can pick out a minimal garden design like this to fit them both together. For more ideas, keep on reading!

Green Backyard

Green Backyard

The other backyard ideas by Foras Studio show the possibility to combine a backyard and garden. Here, the green lawn is bounded with green hydrangea bushes and some other smaller plants which grow individually in the wooden container.

For extra functionality, a loft terrace with a dining area and BBQ is there, providing enough space for receiving guests to dine out under the sky.

Incline House Garden

Incline House Garden

A garden doesn’t need to be large to be stunning. This modern waterless garden by Design Line Builds is the perfect example of this case.

Encased in a broken white elevated platform, the garden introduces an impressive minimalist design. The upper area holds soil for growing plants while the lower level is designed with stone tiles and moss planted within the seams.

Small Fenced Backyard

Small Fenced Backyard

If you’re highly determined to combine a garden and backyard, planter pots are able to help you design the backyard where there is no soil around.

Just like this one of backyard ideas where the designers arranging several different sizes of pots to grow trees and plants. This can surely make a nice illusion of a luxuriant garden in the backyard.

6. Backyard Pool Design Ideas

6.     Backyard Pool Design Ideas

When it comes to backyard ideas, many consider including a water feature like a swimming pool in their design. Well, there are maintenance and cost issues, but it shouldn’t stop you to create one!

A swim-pond like this is a natural water feature which works as both a swimming pool and a pond. It’s perfect when you want to combine functionality and aesthetic altogether.

Small Backyard Swimming Pool Design

Small Backyard Swimming Pool Design

It can be another way around. For a small backyard, you can surround the pool with rocks and plants to swap out the usual properties like plant filter and green water system.

This is an ideal example of how to do it. It seems comfortable and relaxing at the same time. You can then complete the backyard ideas with installing wooden fence posts without concrete.

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