25 New Basement Ideas You Should Not Miss

Many homeowners fail to notice the versatility of a basement. Since it is usually dark and dank, they use the basement as a storage room or laundry room. In fact, there are many cool basement ideas that can be applied to make it become more functional.

A finished basement packs a lot of fun. You can have an extra bedroom for your guest or kid. It can also be turned into a living room where you can spend your time with family.

For you who need a cave to have a ball with friends, a basement can be your safe bet as it is able to be made into a personal game room here. Just get a pool table and home bar, and you are ready to rock.

Since a basement tends to lack natural light, it can be a perfect place to have your own home theatre. You only need to grab some sofas and install a huge screen on the wall.

If you have not decided what will be done to your basement yet, don’t worry! Check out these 25 cool basement ideas that will turn this dank space into a zone that you always want to linger in.

1. Warm Living Room

basement design ideas

When it is rather cold outside, you might want to spend your time by bantering with your family or playing scrabble with them near a fireplace. And this small basement can make a pretty good cozy and warm living room.

Since it does not have much space, you had better shove your sofa against the wall. By doing this, you will have enough space in the middle.

2. Men’s Cave

basement design ideas

Men will never be separated from games. They like having their own cave where they can have a ball with friends and blow off steam. And the best place to do this is the basement.

Just place a bar, pool table, and a huge LED TV in your basement. Then, you can invite your friends to come over to have fun.

3. Small Basement Ideas on a Budget

basement design ideas

If you are pretty tight in budget, you can just finish your basement partially. The best way to get in style and saving more bucks is by keeping the ceiling exposed. Paint your exposed ceiling black for the illusion of depth.

Another benefit that can be gotten from an exposed ceiling is you can fix the wiring more easily without cutting into the drywall.

4. Low Ceiling Basement Ideas

basement design ideas

Some homeowners have to get by on a small basement with a low ceiling. If it happens to you, do some tricks to make it feel cozier and appear to be larger.

Opt for a neutral color like white to make it visually bigger. Let the natural light come into your basement if it is possible. But if it is not, artificial lighting can do in a pinch.

5. Elegant Basement Bar

basement design ideas

If you want your basement to look elegant but do not want to go overboard either, this one will be for you. Can you mention the items that provide the touch of elegance to this basement?

  • The stone tiles that make a great accent wall and bar.
  • The leather sofa that looks lavish and comfortable.
  • The upholstered chairs that add a bit of pattern to the basement.

6. Small Basement Bathroom

basement design ideas

Adding a bathroom in your finished basement can complement the livable space. However, you need to consider several things before adding it. One of which is the ventilation as a basement bathroom is liable to dampness.

If your basement bathroom is undersized, you can invest in a corner shower that will not take up a lot of space.


  • You can reach the bathroom in a jiffy especially if you are caught short.


  • The common problems faced by a basement bathroom are moist and dampness.

7. Craft Room in the Basement

basement design ideas

A basement is not only a place for adults to have fun. Even your kids can spend their leisure time playing together in the basement. All you need to do is turning it into a craft room.

A craft room tends to be messy. And you might not want the mess to be scattered in the living room or the other rooms. Therefore, placing the craft room in the basement is a great idea as you will not worry about the scattered mess.

8. Playground for Pirates

basement design ideas

If there is not enough space to make a playground for your kids, you can always use the basement.

This basement has been turned into a safe haven for pirates. Since it is quite spacious for your kids to play around, they can invite their friends to join them to sail their imagination.

9. Basement Bedroom

basement design ideas

Sleeping in a basement does not always refer to bed as long as you can arrange the furniture properly.

If your basement bedroom is a bit small, try painting it white to expand it visually. You can also try hanging a mirror on the wall as it can reflect more light which makes the bedroom look bigger. Let the natural light come into your bedroom if it is possible.

10. Rustic Basement Ideas

basement design ideas

If you are a big fan of the rustic look, this basement idea might be what you are looking for. The wooden bar looks quite worn, complementing the exposed beamed ceiling.

A pool table is available for you to relieve stress with your friends. So, invite them to come over and let’s get the party started!

11. A Safe Haven for Baseball Lovers

basement design ideas

Your basement has to reflect who you are and what you are really into. Therefore, you can personalize it to your liking. If you are fond of baseball, furnish your basement with the color of your favorite baseball team.

You can also display some baseball sticks or T-shirts just to provide pleasing wall décor or to impress your friends.

12. Cozy Home Theatre

basement design ideas

It is always great to bring a movie theatre to your home. You can enjoy your favorite movie just like the way in a cinema. In addition to that, you can still grab a popcorn and anything from your fridge.

The lack of light makes a basement to be a perfect place to install a home theatre. Now, sit back, relax, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the show.

13. Personal Bowling Alley

basement design ideas

The best thing about a basement is its versatility. You can turn it into anything you want just like this bowling alley.

This will be a great place to get rid of stress. However, turning your basement into a bowling alley will cost you a fortune.

14. Let’s Play the Music

basement design ideas

Don’t hinder a maestro like you from creating masterpieces just because a place to play musical instruments doesn’t exist. Your basement is a perfect studio for you.

Since it is located on the different ground level, the noise produced by the drums and other music instruments will not disturb your spouse and neighbors.

15. Turquoise Home Theatre

basement design ideas

Basements are commonly functioned as a private home theatre. You might come across a lot of basement home theater ideas on the internet. And this one is the elegant home theater that you wish you had.

The velvet upholstery wraps the sofa well, providing an elegant touch to it. Two big round ottomans sit next to the coffee table, offering additional seats or places to set down your popcorn.


  • You can enjoy your favorite movie comfortably at home.


  • This elegant movie theatre will burn a hole in your pocket.

16. Play Room for Girls

basement design ideas

Your daughter is going to love to linger in the basement because it is like a heaven for her.

  • There is a castle in the corner so she can be a princess.
  • A blue table with 4 colorful stools is in the middle. She can use it to explore her creativity in creating a piece of art.
  • The toys are sorted and stored in wicker baskets, which add a textural element to the basement.

17. Rustic Basement Gym Ideas

basement design ideas

Who says that traditional look cannot get along well with the modern look? This basement has proved that it is not totally true.

  • The distressed wood incorporates rustic look to this basement.
  • Gym equipment allows you to stay fit and get in shape without going to the health club.
  • A flat TV will help you to do the exercise in a more relaxed way.

18. Skate-Park Basement

basement design ideas

Brushing up on your skateboard tricks like the 180 and kickback flip on the sidewalk can be dangerous. It will not only endanger you but also other people. Therefore, you can try turning your spacious basement into a skate park.

This basement enables you to keep soaring and flipping your skateboard without worrying about hitting people. It also features a living room where you can relax after practicing.

19. Farmhouse Basement Ideas

basement design ideas

A finished basement is not only about functions but also style. If farmhouse style is your thing, try this basement idea.

The tongue-and-groove wall reflects the style well. Classic sconces illuminate the rustic wall-mounted table. The sliding barn door is an epic touch for this farmhouse basement. And to add more fun, table tennis is available for you.

20. Modern Basement Bedroom

basement design ideas

A basement bedroom is not always dull. This modern bedroom looks inviting and comfortable although it is located under the ground.

The wall-mounted stair offers a distinctive look to the bedroom, making every single step look as if it were floating. The large white tiles make it look more spacious. And the faux stone wall makes a great accent wall that adds a textural element.

21. Walkout Basement Ideas

basement design ideas

A walkout basement is quite popular today as it feels like the other livable space where you can have a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and even an outdoor entertainment area.


  • It feels like the rest of your home.
  • It is usually less dank and dark because the natural light can come into the basement easily.


  • You will need lots of money to make a walkout basement as you will have the land excavated differently.

22. Exclusive Boxing Gym

basement design ideas

Whether you are a professional boxer or just really into this sport, you will fall in love with this basement.

  • The absence of the gym equipment makes it a perfect place to practice your boxing skills.
  • The hidden LED lights add the touch of the modern look to the basement.
  • The floor minimizes the risk of getting injured.

23. Indoor Swimming Pool

basement design ideas

Having a swimming pool in your basement is such a terrific idea. It allows you to swim anytime despite the weather. You will not need to clean it every day since there will not be any leaves that ruin the pool.

The recessed LED lights make the swimming pool look modern and luxurious, making you want to indulge in the pool for a little bit longer.

24. Basement Laundry Room

basement design ideas

One of the most ubiquitous uses of a basement is being a laundry room.

Even an unfinished basement can be a great laundry room as it allows you to prevent the noise made by the washer from disturbing your sleeping baby. Besides, you will not worry about the mess anymore.

25. Adding Storage Room in a Finished Basement

basement design ideas

One of the biggest challenges of having a finished basement is eradicating the temptation of tossing all the less-used and unused items into it which will make it look messy.

To overcome this problem, you can make a room divider that separates the storage room with the livable space in the bedroom, just like this one. This DIY room divider features some shelves and sliding door that can hide the clutter out of your sight.

Whether your basement is tight in space or spacious, you can always add value to it with these cool basement ideas. Don’t let your basement lie dormant. Tap into its potential space, and you will be surprised by what it can do.