10 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas That Make Your Place Feels like a Spa

After a long day of work, relaxation at the end of the day is what you need. You can take a moment to enjoy the time with your family, or if you want to have time off for yourself, you can take a long bath. Having a warm bath is going to relax your muscles, make you less stress from the wonderful scents, especially if you have it in a spa. But, of course, going to the spa every day would break your bank. Instead, use these bathroom wall decor ideas to create your own little spa at home!

Create Complete Relaxation with These Wall Decors

1. Use Wall Art to Create Peacefulness

1. Bathroom Wall Decor, Use Wall Art to Create Peacefulness

A spa always gives a sense of peacefulness. You can create this too in your own bathroom to make it have the same vibes. A wall art will totally can do that for you. Choose one or two arts for your bathroom that can induce that feeling if you look at it. Something good to hang on your wall is a painting of a forest, or a lake, or some abstract paintings that have calming colors. Blue and green will do that.

Hang your wall art above your bath-up, or somewhere above your toilet. You can also put it above the sink beside your mirror. But, when you choose a wall art, pay attention to what kind of painting that you pick. If you can, choose one that has a waterproof quality into it, because in the end, you buy it for the bathroom. You don’t want to destroy the beautiful artwork when you get it wet somehow. That’s why make sure that it is a waterproof one.

2. Create the Mood with Hanging Candles

2. Bathroom Wall Decor, Create the Mood with Hanging Candles

When we’re talking about spa, then we’re talking about relaxation. What’s more relaxing than surrounding yourself with candles? If you go to any spa, they’d have at least one or two candles lying around the room. This’s for a solid reason. The flame of a candle helps to soothe our mind and reduce stress. If you buy a candle with a calming scent like lavender, you will get more of the effects.

Hanging your candles in the wall is a great idea if you want to implement it in your bathroom area but you a smaller bathroom. You don’t want to accidentally knock over your candles when they’re burning just because you don’t have enough space to walk around. You can buy the candle holder in your local grocery stores, or heads on online to get them at a steal price.

3. Floating Shelves are good

3. Bathroom wall decor, Floating Shelves are good

Hanging or floating space, in general, is good in any spaces, but especially in the bathroom area. Use it as your bathroom wall decor ideas next time you decorate it. This will be perfect if you want to make a spa feeling in your bathroom. In a spa, they usually use their floating shelves to display things like towels, soaps, and crystals or something. You can incorporate it into your own place too.

If you’re thinking of installing it in your bathroom, choose one that is wood. The warm from a dark one will really induce a feeling of relaxes when you take a bath. If buying a shelf with dark wood is too expensive for you, then do your own DIY version. Get cheap metal shelving and put a couple cheap slaps of woods from Home Depot on top. You can transform it into a more expensive look by staining it with a dark wood stain.

4. Make a Gallery Wall

4. Bathroom Wall Decor, Make a Gallery Wall

You may already do this in other parts of your home, like using it in your living or dining room wall decor ideas, but don’t forget about your bathroom. You also need to pay attention to its wall too. It would be weird if the rest of your house is filled with arts and photographs, but your bathroom is a blank canvas. Hang your collection on its wall too to make a cohesive aesthetic and style.

You make an arrangement of your chosen small photos that are calming and make your gallery to be that, or you can buy many small-sized arts from artist sold online. Etsy is a good place that you need to check on. Besides, you can also just opt to have one big giant piece in your bathroom as your bathroom wall decor ideas that induce the feeling of relaxation. But, this may be hard to achieve seeing that bathroom usually has a smaller area than the rest of your rooms.

5. Make Chalkboard Signs

5. Bathroom Wall Decor, Make Chalkboard Signs

There’s a huge trend right now on Pinterest and Instagram to have a sign in the bathroom. What’s people usually use is funny and cute instruction on how to use the toilet or some warning about the bathroom. But, you can actually use this as inspiration and put your own spin to it. Make some quotes or drawing that will give you a feeling of calmness when you look at it.

You don’t have to make it like a big giant piece, because it won’t make your place look like a spa anymore. But, get something small to hang it in your wall. In this one, you can make your own quotes or drawing. Or, you can also use the same principle with the trend right now and write an instruction on how to relax yourself in your bathroom. This can be an inspiration for you to remember to take care of yourself and take a little time to enjoy life.

6. Beauty and Functionality

6. Bathroom Wall Decor, Beauty and Functionality

With beauty and functionality, you can interpret this into whatever you want it to be. The shelves in your bathroom work in this category too, but I suggest you do this with the hook on your bathroom. This is one place that is subtle enough but will make a huge difference if you put an effort into it. Consider changing your hook into more sophisticated ones. You can also double your shelf and your hook by installing your chosen hooks under it.

Buy a hook that has a luxury and elegant look to it to create a more spa feeling. Heads on to your favorite store or online to get them. If you want to make it yourself, you can shop for supply from Home Depot or other places. Pick a slab of wood that is a little bit thick, this gives a sense of luxury. Another thing that you need is some hooks that you think fits. This will create a visual interest in your home.

7. Hang a Bold Print

7. Bathroom Wall Decor, Hang a Bold Print

When you’re thinking about bathroom wall decor ideas to put in your room, use a bold print as one of your options. This totally can give a look at your space like a spa. Hanging a print with a bold look will give your bathroom a personality, especially if you custom it with your own quotes which you can do that now. Many online stores and Etsy offers such services for you. If you confuse as to what to make, just choose the one that you like online.

Make this print to induce the feeling of relaxation like a spa by using hanging a big print as your main piece of decoration. Even though a bold print may distract you, but, if you choose well enough, you can actually still enjoy your moment of calmness. Hang one above your bath-up or the toilet to make your bathroom feels more spacious instead of feeling more cramped. You can also print a smaller of the bold print and put it on your shelf.

8. Try Matching It with Your Floor

8. Bathroom Wall Decor, Try Matching It with Your Floor

If you want a more cohesive look in your bathroom area, don’t think too hard on how to achieve that. You can totally do the matchy-matchy. Get the tiles that you use on your floor and get some extra for your wall. This will make your bathroom some edgy look that is different from other bathroom. But, be careful with the placement of the tiles in your walls. Don’t make it too crowded.

Be smart and put it in a small part of your wall. Choose a section that makes sense to you. You can put it in your backsplash of your sink or around your bath-up. Or, just go all out and cover your entire wall with the same tiles as your flooring. This trick is also being used in many spas to create a sense of continuity. This works if you have a tile pattern that gives a sense of luxury and elegance.

9. Mix up Your Pattern

9. Bathroom Wall Decor, Mix up Your Pattern

Where you may be right to get the same look on your floor and your wall, you can also try to mix it up and go the opposite way by having different patterns in your wall and floor. Making them into two different tiles in your bathroom gives a unique look. There are not many people dare to make this as their bathroom decor because not many actually know the trick to making this one of the bathroom wall decor ideas looks good.

The trick to do it good is to get your tiles in the same color family between your floor and the wall. One that guarantees the best result is if you choose a monochromatic look for both of them. Monochromatic won’t overpower your room and make it too crowded. Besides, black and white always give a sense of luxury on a space. So choose it in your room to make it as relaxing as possible.

10. Use Plants for Sense of Calmness

10. Bathroom Wall Decor, Use Plants for Sense of Calmness

Plants can change a look of a space to a certain vibe. People find that having plants in their bathroom can give a sense of peace and relax when they see it. If you want to transform your bathroom to have a spa feeling, use this trick too in your place. Choose ones that have dark green leaves to give a make a sense of luxury. Something like Rubber Plants will fit into the space perfectly.

Having plants to jazz up your place in the bathroom will calm you down when you take a warm bath. Get as many plants as you like if you want to have in your space because there’s never been such a thing as having too many plants. You can also totally have plants in any space in your home. Use it as one of your dining room wall decor ideas too if you want. Many plants in all of the parts of your home will make it to have a cohesive look to it.

11. Dried Flowers to Make It Special

11. Bathroom Wall Decor, Dried Flowers to Make It Special

If living plants is too hard for you to manage, you can still get the spa feeling in your bathroom by using dried flowers. Dried flower is easy to manage compared to buying real flowers. With dried flowers, you don’t have to change it too often to get the spa feeling. Have it around your bath-up and also on your wall. You can hang a couple them on the wall by string. Lavender would be a great option to choose as your bathroom wall decor ideas.

You can make your own dried flower bundle. Get some of your favorite fresh flowers. Arrange them however you like. Then, if you pleased with it, tie it with a string. Hang them to dry on your window. They will completely dry while still maintaining their colors and shape. Then, put some nails on your walls where you think look the most gorgeous. The sensation of having dried flowers on your wall is not only visually pleasing but also smells good.

Having a relaxing bathroom would make your night better. When you come home from work, you can unwind with a warm bath. That’s why it’s great to have a bathroom that looks as if you’re in a spa. Your relaxing time would instantly feel ten times better. Create that sensation with a little help from your wall decor. It makes a total difference in a place like your bathroom.