13 Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas That Would Make Your Neighbor Envy

Your dining room is super important to decorate. It’s a place where you invite people over to have a warm delicious meal with you. You don’t want the place to look shabby and ugly. You may already have a cute dining table set installed in your home, but what about the wall? A blank wall is boring. Why don’t you jazz up your place with dining room wall decor ideas below. They’re seriously going to make your neighbor envy.

Decor Your Wall with These 13 Ideas

1. Food Theme Art

1. Dining Room Wall Decor Food Theme Art

While on the topic of eating, choose a food theme art for your wall decor. Pick one or two wall art that makes your mouth water when you look at it. You don’t have to be restricted with hanging only food, hang something like a cute fork and spoon art. That’s really on-trend in many cool popular restaurants. Adopt it in your home and make your dining room area as superb as you can.

Etsy is a great option if you want to buy wall art. There are so many cute food-related art that you can choose from. You can hang a big one as a main focal point of your dining room, or go with small ones and arrange them to much your style. Complete with your cute dining set, your room instantly turns Pinterest worthy!

2. Frame Your Favorite Moments

2. Dining Room Wall Decor, Frame Your Favorite Moments

Don’t let memories of you and your loved ones fade away. Remember your family and friends always by hanging your favorite moments with them around your house. One place that’s perfect for that is the dining room. Make your dining room wall decor ideas a collection of pictures of your most favorite moments or places. This way, you can enjoy your food while reminiscing about the happy time!

Get the best pictures of an amazing snapshot of your vacation, your family, your childhood home, the city that you grow upon, or anything that you want. Print them in a high-quality image to make it more professional looking. You can make a collage of tons of pictures, or chose a couple of them and print them on a large scale. Be mindful of the size of your room though. This way, you add a personal touch into your dining room area but

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

3. Dining Room Wall Decor, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

People say that if you don’t know what to put in your wall, put a mirror there. That’s super true. Mirror has something in it that in snap changes an overall vibe of a room. Maybe because having a mirror in your wall enlarges your space in a double. Because the characteristics of it that bounces light, it makes a space less cramped. You can totally use this trick in your dining area too, especially if you don’t have that much space in the first place.

Installing a horizontal mirror that is in line with your vision is going to trick your brain that you’re in a larger space than you actually are. This trick works exceptional if you have a window in your small dining room. Mirror will give your space a feeling of endless space between your outside and inside, making your room a lot bigger. A round mirror is another option that you can choose. It’s trendy and unique while still giving the function of enlarging your space.

4. Jazz up Your Space with Texture

4. Dining Room Wall Decor, Jazz up Your Space with Texture

The easiest to make a difference in your room without making your space feels to busy is by adding texture on your wall. Textured wall gives your space a different look, while still subtle enough that it doesn’t distract with the aesthetic of your room. Super-efficient trick to use in minimalist home. You choose one of the walls in your dining room as an accent wall. You can expose the actual texture of your concrete or brick of your wall, which totally looks cool.

In some cases, like if you rent a place, you can’t exactly bow down your wall. Instead, introduce texture in your home with textured wall art. It’s less expensive to do in your room if your wall already smoothen and painted before. A wooden wall art or a large fuzzy tapestry can achieve that look. Remember to choose one that is similar to your color pallets. This way, it’s not going to overpower your decoration.

5. Pull out An Accent Color

5. Dining Room Wall Dewcor, Pull out An Accent Color

Talk about a color pallet. Of course, your home already has a theme that you follow. Don’t make your dining room wall decor ideas ruin it. You want to hang something that has a cohesive look with the rest of your home. But, not many of the wall art that is sold online can go with the rest of your color pallet. If that’s the case, then pulling out an accent color from your pallet would make more sense.

Choose a wall art that has a main color of it the same color of your accent color. Hanging a wall art with the same color will create a sense of continuous style in your home, which makes it match with the rest of your decor. If you want, you can also just get a bucket of paint and paint an accent wall in your dining room. Though this may not allow if you’re a renter, and also, it’s hard if you want to change it in the future.

6. Wall Shelf for Chic and Functional Wall Decor

6. Dining Room Wall Decor, Wall Shelf for Chic and Functional Wall Decor

In general, wall shelf is a great idea to save space in your home. This is especially true for a small home that doesn’t have enough room to work around. This trick is the best for small bathroom wall decor ideas. But, you can actually use it in your dining room as well. Aside from a shelving unit, use it as your decor piece. Create a functional as well as a chic look on your shelf by adding cute things like a cute place and mugs, pictures of you and your loved ones or whatever you want.

Other ideas you can use are by adding plants on your shelf. Little pots of succulents around your home are super popular on Pinterest and Instagram right now. Try that and see if it matches the style of your home. For more traditional decor, you can go with souvenirs that you bring from your holidays. This will take you back to the moments that you spend there while eating delicious food.

7. Go with Wall Mural

7. Dining Room Wall Decor, Go with Wall Mural

When you see many of the cool restaurants out there, a lot of them opt to have a wall mural as their wall decor. You can copy that style and make a similar mural in your dining room wall decor ideas as well. Get artistic with your friends and family in a weekend together and paint your entire wall with a mural. You can do a drawing that has a meaning behind it. Be careful though, don’t go overboard with too much detail in your mural. This will make your place too crowded and cramped.

8. Use Wallpaper for Easy Transformation

8. Dining Room Wall Decor, Use Wallpaper for Easy Transformation

Painting your wall takes too much thing to do. You have to get a bucket of paint, paintbrushes, covering your floor, and this and that. Besides, it takes too much time and too much fuss. If you don’t want to deal with it, opt to use wallpaper instead. It’s so much easier to install in your wall. In the future, you can also change it without a hard work either. There are also many options to choose too.

You don’t have to cover the whole wall if you don’t want to. Take a small section of your wall, and cover it with cool wallpaper. This way, you can have a wall art in a less expensive option. Get graphic wallpaper or other design to transform your place into a modern and cozy dining room. Your neighbor would totally envy the makeover that you did!

9. Be Edgy and Put a Wall Garden

9. Dining Room Wall Decor, Be Edgy and Put a Wall Garden

Unpopular opinion, but wall garden in the dining room is a great idea. A wall garden inside your home is definitely one option that you need to consider. This will be perfect if you live in a city and never seen a tree in their day to day life. Seriously, everyone needs a little bit of greenery to freshen up their place. Adding a wall garden filled with herbs will be a great way to make your place cozier, but also has a function in your kitchen. You don’t always have to buy new herbs every time!

You can have a garden wall by using special pockets that are sold in a garden store. They’re specifically designed to hold plants vertically, so don’t worry about it falling apart in your dining room. If you’re on the unfortunate side that doesn’t have a green thumb and always killed your plants, then get the fake one instead. Nobody would know anyway. This way, you can still get the feeling of green in your home.

10. Display Your Plate Collection

10. Dining Room Wall Decor, Display Your Plate Collection

Show off your china! Why put it inside a cupboard to collect dust. If you have an extensive collection, display it to be one of your dining room wall decor ideas. Choose a couple of your favorite pieces that have similar colors to hang on your wall. This will create a cohesive look, especially if the color matches with the rest of your color pallet. Or, you can just go all out with the color and make them into the centerpiece of your dining room.

Take your plates and china out from your cupboard and arrange them however you like. Make sure that you create an intricate and unique look with the arrangement. They’re usually full of oriental colors that are really going to make your place pop. If you have a collection of expensive pieces, why not put it out. Make your neighbor faint with jealousy after looking at your wall!

11. Hang Your Own Art

11. Dining Room Wall Decor, Hang Your Own Art

Who says that you need to buy expensive wall art to spice up your space? If you’re an artistic person, decorate your entire place with your impressive arts. Appreciate your own beautiful pieces that you made with your wonderful hand. Even if your art isn’t as good as other artists out there, it’s still your creation. Your art will show more about you as a person, thus, making your dining room a lot more personalized. Besides, if your neighbors see it, they may gasps cause of how beautiful it is.

You can hang your art in the form of paintings, the pictures that you took beforehand, your wooden crafted pieces or anything. No matter what, make it as the main decoration for your dining room. It’s the perfect place to hang it if you want to show your piece, but still a little uncomfortable to show them to other guests. It’s a start to make you more confident in your own creation.

12. Print Goofy Quotes

12. Dining Room Wall Decor, Print Goofy Quotes

Add variety on your blank wall with signs and quotes. This can be one of the options of your dining room wall decor ideas. You can see this being used in so many cool hangout places all over Pinterest and Instagram. You don’t want to miss the change to join in on the trend too! Print a cute and goofy quote, or two, that has a special meaning for you. This will add a little of your personality in your area.

You can hang it in your dining room wall, or make one too as your bathroom wall decor ideas.  Choose a bold print to make a visual interest and show people that you have a strong personality. If that’s not who you are, you can also go with cute and girly cursive for a feminine home. It’s all come back to what you want your place to be, honestly.

There are 12 tactics and ideas that you can use as inspiration in your dining room decor. If you want to turn around your blank wall into impressive art, take something from those. You can, of course, put your own spin to it to make it more personalized. You can amaze your friends and family when you transform your dining room. Also, when your neighbors see it, they seriously want to have that in their home.