25 Fun DIY Fairy Garden Ideas For Kids to Make

Girls are really fascinated when seeing the fairy garden. because it becomes very interesting and eager to make magical crafts together. Although at first it seemed doubtful, because it was not sure could make it need detail and neatness.

But creating a fairy garden is one good way to encourage children’s imagination. They will also be happy to roam outside to find various objects to decorate. Empathy towards real, imagined little creatures will also develop when they make fairy garden.

Among the very best aspects of fairy crafts is that they appear to involve the stock that was discovered and stolen anywhere possible. Have a lot of branches in your front lawn? That can be a fairy ladder. Did your oak tree only drop a million seeds? Make fairy umbrella mushrooms with just a little paint. Are your garbage drawers littered with plastic beads? You are on your method to the perfect DIY fairy garden.

If your kid is ready to enter the world of fairies, this DIY fairy garden idea will assist you recognize her dreams.

1. DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

The design of the first fairy garden is quite unique. Because when viewed in size, this park has a fairly small size.

2. Easy and Memorable

Carrying a theme as well as a simple concept, the advantages of this one fairy garden. Besides this park is also often called a place full of memories.

3. Gnome House

Gnome house is a garden concept that can be said to be interesting. In this park also installed a very beautiful miniature Gnome house.

4. Mini Fairy Garden

A mini Fairy garden is a design that is pretty much favored by children. Because of its small size, but still has its own uniqueness.

5. Fairy Garden Table

Children can take chairs to play in this park. This one park was formed with strong wood material.

6. Touch Up with Small Flower

In this park, you can add it with some accessories. Such as home furnishings, chairs, even beautiful flowers.

7. Adding Fairies

Next is the fairy garden design that has its own characteristics. You can add accessories such as sparkling stones and others.

8. Use Container

Using a container as a place to plant various plants. Then add some accents to make your child happy to play.

9. Cute Garden

As the name implies, this fairy garden has a small size. Even though children can still play freely here.

10. Raised Box Garden

This park is built on land bounded by your board. You can add some decoration in this garden.

11. Wood Crate

Made using the wood crate. This park is more unique because of some decorative ornaments such as small stones.

12. Simple Ideas

You can build this garden on a container made of clay. Let your child be creative in this simple park.

13. Build in Corner

As the name implies, this park was built right in the corner of the house. You just need to prepare a few containers to make it more charming.

14. DIY for Kids

Various decorations such as buttons, you can add a miniature house. Your little one will surely be happy to see this fairy garden one.

15. Fairy Village

Your child can be very free to play and be creative in the village fairy garden. Your little one can add a house or even a miniature lawn chair

16. Painted Pots

Here you are free to design and paint what’s on your mind. The ingredients are very easy to find around you.

17. Tiny World

The tiny world has a size that is not big or small. Even so, this park is loved by many children.

18. Cardboard Fairy House

The main ingredient in making this fairy garden design is cardboard. With these cartons, you can be creative in making a unique home.

19. Colorful

Play your imagination in this one fairy garden design. You are free to determine the color according to the mood of course.

20. Lush Fairy Garden

The next fairy garden is no less unique than the others. The difference is in this fairy garden using plants whose leaves are lush.

21. Beach Style

You definitely want to create a garden with a unique atmosphere right? Looks like you can make a beach style when you miss the atmosphere of the beach.

22. White Bench

One fairy garden is quite interesting to see. Because in this park there is a white bench that is the center of attention.

23. Recycled Bottle 1

Do you have a bottle that is no longer in use? You can test creativity, by making this one fairy garden.

24. Recycled Bottle 2

Not much different from the previous fairy garden. You can add color to the bottle to make it look more beautiful.

25. Recycled Bottle 3

This is another creative fairy garden made from plastic bottle. You can use bottle with different shape to make more unique mini garden in pots.

26. Fun to Make

As the name implies, to make this park very pleasant. Because you can freely paint and arrange this garden.