21 Genius DIY Garden Ideas With Tutorial Step by Step

Do you want a new and livelier residential atmosphere? Do you want to feel the cool air and enchanting scenery? 21 of the genius ideas below you can use. To realize your dream of creating a dream flower garden.

1. DIY Fairy Garden

Tutorial: clutterbug.me

The first garden design is a garden that is very popular with young children. The fairy garden is indeed the belle of children.

2. DIY Rock Garden

The second garden design uses decoration accents that are different from others. Using stones as decoration is unique, right?

3. DIY Pondless Fountain

The third garden is a design that can be considered very interesting. The interesting thing in this garden is to wear ornaments in the form of bamboo pipes.

4. DIY Water Fountain

Next, is the actual garden not much different from before. The thing that distinguishes it is using a fountain as an accessory.

5. DIY Garden with Ponds

DIY Corner Garden with Ponds and Whimsical Pots
Tutorial: youtube.com

The next artificial garden design is unique. Usually, you can find this one flower garden in the corner of the yard.

6. DIY Cinder Block Flower Garden

To make this flower garden, you need to prepare some ingredients. Starting from flower pots, and also container pots made of cement.

7. DIY Corner Raised Beds Garden

The corner of your backyard can be changed to be more beautiful when using this idea. The manufacturing process is not too difficult or easy.

8. DIY Vertical Garden Pocket

To make this little flower garden, you need to prepare a cloth bag. The cloth bag is used for a variety of plant containers.

9. DIY Straw Mats Planter

DIY Straw Mats Planter
Tutorial: jessegarden.wordpress.com

Straw is the main ingredient for this genius flower garden idea. You can also plant various plants here.

10. DIY Flower Garden

Making this beautiful flower garden is not difficult. You only need to prepare a few ingredients such as pots, and a plot of land.

11. DIY Small Garden

This one flower garden design is suitable to be built on a small plot of land. Because plants that are planted are not large.

12. DIY Bicycle Garden

Something that is most unique in this flower garden is that there are bicycles placed in the garden. This is quite a step and very creative right?

13. Plant Herb in Pot

Looks like this garden is suitable for lovers of herbs. Because indeed in this garden are found many herbs that are planted in a pot.

14. DIY Container Herb

The next garden, use a container made of canned material. The container is given a hole below so that plants can grow.

15. DIY Balcony Garden

Do you have a balcony room at home? You can use this beautiful garden idea so that the balcony of the house looks more alive.

16. DIY Wall Decor Planter

DIY planter Ideas from Baking Pan
Tutorial: grillo-designs.com

Plants that you have chosen, will then be installed on a wall of the house. How interested to make it immediately?

17. DIY Vegetable Garden

Herb garden Raised Beds Ideas
Tutorial: sunset.com

Your home seems to need a garden full of vegetables. If it’s true, you can use this one garden idea.

18. DIY Stacked Pots

The idea of a genius garden then needs some potted plants. The pot is then arranged in stages, and you can provide some notes here.

19. DIY Hanging Garden

Wood, ropes, and pots are some of the components needed to make this garden. The interesting thing in this garden is the plants that are hung.

20. DIY Tiered Box Garden

The last many artificial gardens will be unique. The most extraordinary uniqueness that is arranged in a container like a ladder.

21. DIY Square Foot Raised Bed

You can plant various herb or vegetable in a square foot garden raised beds. You can make it in a small yard because you don’t need a large place to make it. But also make sure the location you choose gets enough sunlight.

22. DIY Backyard Garden

This is beautiful inspiration to makeover your neglected backyard to beautiful vegetable garden ideas. You can also added wood outdoor bench and box planters to beautify your garden.