Try These 16 Creative Door Hanger Template Ideas in Your House!

What is the fascinating way to give a nice impression to people who visit your home? The answer is decorating the door. Being the main element of a dwelling, the front door is everyone’s focal point. You need some door hanger template ideas for your door.

The front door of the house is the first thing that will be seen by guests who want to stop by your house. Decorating your door will make a massive impression for those who come.

You, the person who lives in the house will feel special and comfortable when your house looks better and unique. Sometimes, in decorating the door, some people are not taking it in a serious way. Indeed, it should be done in detail and creative way.

Many things can be used to beautify your door. Since the door is an entrance for your guests, you need to make it more attractive. Something attractive will also attract people to come and see it. So, it will be very great for you to decorate your door.

In Indonesia, decorating home doors is tentative or follows the momentum ahead of major holidays, such as Christmas, New Year and Eid al-Fitr. A door does not only function as a connector, but it also gives the impression to people who will come and enter it.

16 Used Materials for Your Unique Door Hanger

The exterior is the first thing that people notice when they’re coming to your house. And it will give them the first impression about how your place looks like.

One of many ways to make your house more amazing and beautiful is using door hanger template ideas or door wreath. The visitors will be excited to be welcomed that way.

If you are interested to apply door wreath, here are some tips and ideas on how you design and create your own door wreath to make your visitors feel good when entering your house.

1. Door Wreath from Woods

Door Wreath from Woods

This easily made door wreath is very nice to be put on your door.  You can make it yourself by using woods or remained woods. To place the pieces in one place, you need glue to tight them all. And then, you can arrange them like a circle form. Easy, cheap and very simple!

2. Door Wreath from Boots

Door Wreath from Boots

If you have boots and you never wear it again, you can use them. Make it pots and put some flowers in it and hang it on your door. Colorful flowers will make it more contrast. You can combine the color of the boots and the flowers to create such a beautiful color!

3. Door Wreath from Photo Frame

Door Wreath from Photo Frame

The photo frame can be made for your unique door wreath. For example, for the Easter egg celebration, you can put plastic grass combined with colorful plastic eggs.

It will create such a beautiful combination on your door wreath. After that, you can hang it on the door and will add such a beautiful look in your house.

4. Door Wreath from Umbrellas

Door Wreath from Umbrellas

Umbrella is one good thing to be made into something unique. You can use them for your door wreath as well.

Don’t throw them away because you need creativity to create them into something cool! Combine them with flowers and colorful robes. And hang it on your door. People will be amazed by the unique umbrella and flowers.

5. Door Wreath from a Jeans Pocket

Door Wreath from a Jeans Pocket

If you’re looking for a tiny yet cute door wreath, you can use your ripped jeans pocket. Cut it off and put colorful small flowers in it.

To make it even durable use plastic flowers and tight them all with glue. The navy color of the jeans will be more contrast with the green color of the flowers!

6. Door Wreath from Flowers

Door Wreath from Flowers

It seems like flowers cannot be separated from door wreath, doesn’t it? If you want your door wreath full of flowers, you can try using flowers like the picture above.

You don’t need many flowers, just pick a single flower and use the rope to hang it on the door. On the bottom combined with small flowers with grass.

7. Door Wreath from Ribbon

Door Wreath from Ribbon

This one is very easy to combine whatever you want. You can create it by combining it with woods, or you can use the example above. You can also add some flowers or cute dolls. Use more than one color of ribbon to create a unique color on the door.

8. Door Wreath from the Wooden Tag

Door Wreath from the Wooden Tag

It is not only bags you can use for your door wreath. You can also use a wooden tag with large size. You can crave welcoming words on it or greetings for a national holiday. Use blackboard and chalk to make it changeable at any time you want to write new quotes.

How to make:

  • Prepare unused wood with square sizes, oak woods are recommended,
  • Create words on a paper, and make a hole on the words,
  • Spray them with black or white (depends on the color of woods you use),
  • Tie up the woods on the door, combine them with flowers!
  • Hang it!

9. Door Wreath from Plants Sprayer Tool

Door Wreath from Plants Sprayer Tool

Plants sprayer tool can also be made as door wreath. It’s unique and antique fits the theme of the shabby chic vintage home design.

And also it will add rustic atmosphere in your house. Using the used plants’ sprayer tool will add a little more antique look in front of your house. Worth to try!

How to make:

  • Prepare unused sprayer tool, use the metal or aluminum one,
  • Pick up flowers, sunflowers of any kinds of flower you prefer,
  • Paint the sprayer tool with brown or red, choose your favorite colors,
  • Put the flowers inside the sprayer tool, add some Styrofoam or plastic inside to tight the flowers, so they won’t move,
  • Hang it on your door!

10. Door Wreath from a Gunny Sack

Door Wreath from a Gunny Sack

Who’d thought that gunny sack can be used as door wreath? Maybe this one sounds out of topic, but in fact, if you are creative enough, you can turn it into something cool.

This brown sack will be more amazing if you combine it with colorful flowers such as white, yellow, green, and red. Just try it!

How to make:

  • Prepare gunny sack, flowers, and rope,
  • Decorate the gunny sack with words painted on it,
  • Put all the flowers in the gunny sack,
  • Tie the flowers up with rope tightly so they won’t fall,
  • Hang it on your door!

11. Door Wreath from Cans

Door Wreath from Cans

Cans are very reusable if you’re a creative person. You can use it as door wreath by putting some flowers on it and don’t forget to paint them with bright and contrast colors. I bet it will add such a unique and antique atmosphere in your house. Give it a try!

How to make:

  • Prepare unused cans, rope, and flowers (you can use plastic flowers),
  • Put all the flowers in the can, color them with spraying tools,
  • Tie up the can when all the flowers are put in the can,
  • Hang it on your door,
  • You can also combine them with two or three cans in the bottom,
  • Be creative!

12. Use Black Tape to Create Unique Look

Use Black Tape to Create Unique Look

Decorating the door using patterned black tape can make your door or room look very beautiful and attractive. Actually, not only black, but you can also use another colored contrasting tape.

Different colors will add a good combination especially if the basic color of your door is white. Well, consider the following method!

How to make:

  • Draw a pattern first on the door or wall that you want to redecorate horizontally.
  • Choose patterns that are easy to make, like boxes; stairs; lined triangle; or geometric patterns.
  • Ensure that the doors and walls of the room have been painted in neutral colors, such as white.
  • Stick black plaster according to the pattern that has been made.
  • Cover the plaster throughout the door or wall using other color paint that contrasts with the base paint color.
  • Wait for the paint to dry, and then peel off the black plaster.
  • Now the rooms look more beautiful and attractive.

13. Keep Your Old Newspaper, and Use Them to Make Cool Door Wreath!

Keep Your Old Newspaper, and Use Them to Make Cool Door Wreath!

Garbage is always a problem, for that, recycling garbage by processing it back into more useful objects. One of them is a decoration to beautify the house.

Paper waste is one type of garbage that you can use to redecorate your home. Take a look at how to make decorations using newsprint that is unused!

How to make:

  • Make a circle frame with wood fibers or buy one that is ready to use.
  • Cut newspaper with a width of 10-20 cm.
  • Cut 3/4 of the width of the paper to make tufts.
  • Wrap the newspaper pieces on a wooden fiber frame using glue.
  • Shape to resemble flowers.
  • Add beautiful decorations around it, such as bird statues or house bells.
  • Pair using a strong rattan rope.
  • The decoration is ready.

14. Use Roll Tissue or Gauze Cloth!

Use Roll Tissue or Gauze Cloth!

The door is one property that can be used as a medium to channel one’s creativity in designing his home.

Decorating in a unique way will make you more excited and at home while at home, so don’t ignore the look of your residential door. One other unique way you can do is decorate the house door with roll tissue.

How to make:

  • The first way is to attach tissue or gauze abstractly to form a messy pattern.
  • Then cut the black cardboard to form an eye and attach it to the pattern.
  • Decoration like this will make your residential door look like you’re sick. Unique isn’t it?
  • No need for a large budget to make your home door attractive.

15. Colorful Patchworks is Also Good!

Colorful Patchworks is Also Good!

The remaining patchwork fabric of convection and the manufacture of clothing or other textile products can be used for various handicrafts, one of which is door decoration.

Maybe objects made from patchworks, such as pillows, mats, and brooches are common things that you can find. But what about the colorful door hanger from patchwork?

How to make:

  • The first thing you do is cut a few pieces of patchwork into that size.
  • Tie the patch on the rattan rope that has been prepared.
  • Attach to the door using two nails.
  • You do not need to paint it again, now the door of the house or residence has changed to color.

16. Create Cloudy Decoration on Your Door!

Create Cloudy Decoration on Your Door!

Bring cloud decoration along with raindrops in your house! These cloud hangers and raindrops seem to be being chosen a lot to decorate the walls of the house and the room.

You can also decorate your dwelling using cloud hangers and raindrops. This fairly simple form makes it very suitable to be placed in your child’s room.

How to make:

  • The shape of the cloud pattern and the pattern of water droplets from the paper.
  • Scissors for flannel based on cloud patterns and water droplets (a pair).
  • Bring it together by using the pins to make it not shifting.
  • Sew the tip of the flannel with a sewing machine, leave a few inches of Dacron input and then sew until done. (Likewise, the droplets of water droplets, may be filled with Dacron or not).
  • To make a natural impression, make a point in the cloud with hand sewing.
  • Bring together droplets of water with threads and stitch them on the edge of the cloud.

Well, 16 creative door hanger template ideas above can be your references in decorating your door house. All materials are easy to be found and even you can get them all in your house.

Using unused things like boots, cans, and other stuff allow you to create your own unique and antique door hanger. Good luck!