45 Mind-Blowing Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas for Natural Interiors

FARMHOUSE WALL DECOR IDEAS – are all about the warm and classic look. They represent the old-time charm but still refer to the present trend. Therefore, the balance of both sides is needed to prevent your wall décor from looking too obsolete and country kitsch.

Farmhouse décor tends to be a little bit rustic and make you feel nostalgic. To achieve this goal, you should decorate your interior with some vintage stuff. You will want to go overboard, though. Pairing it with a little bit of new stuff would be always a great idea.

The key point of farmhouse décor is the weathered finish. Well-worn wood furniture with some peeling paint or wrought iron sconces would work like a charm. A reclaimed barn board can also be your greatest bet when it comes to embellishing a farmhouse.

It does not mean everything has to look old and obsolete, though. You just do not want them to look too shiny.

If you are looking for some mind-blowing ideas for your farmhouse wall décor, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading and you will find 24 farmhouse wall décor ideas that will definitely blow your mind.

1. Sweet Alyssum in the Buckets

1. Sweet Alyssum in the Buckets

Buckets are the things that you can easily find in a farmhouse. Therefore, you can incorporate them into your wall décor, which will accentuate the farmhouse style immensely.

To add a lively lift, you can fill in the buckets with sweet alyssum. The subtle white of this foliage complements the metal buckets well. To perfect the look, you can add some other adornments like a small wreath, a quote, and an old weathervane.

2. Wreaths on the Windows

2. Wreaths on the Windows

These windows look rustic with worn window frames. That is why they can make a perfect farmhouse wall décor. Just hang them on the wall in your hallway to welcome the guests.

To accentuate the windows, add a boxwood wreath on each window by hanging it using a white ribbon.

3. List What Old McDonald Had on His farm

3. List What Old McDonald Had on His farm

You can find four rustic silhouettes that represent the animals the Old McDonald had on his farm here. And the good news is this wall décor is DIY friendly.

  • Get some wood planks. Cut, paint, and assemble those using nails, wood glue, or staples.
  • Get a picture of a pig, sheep, cow, and chicken. Attach the picture on the assembled wood planks. Paint it again.
  • Add two shutters to anchor the silhouettes.

4. Miscellaneous Rustic Items

Miscellaneous Rustic Items

Sometimes you do not have to stick to only one certain rule. This is your home. You need to be comfortable with it even though you have to break the rules.

If you have not made up your mind about what to do with the stair yet, grab any vintage stuff that can be found at home or bought from a thrift store. Hang them to cover the stark area near the stair to amp it up.

5. It Is Good to Be Home

It Is Good to Be Home

This built-in shelf not only hosts knick-knacks and beautiful small jars but also display a wonderful background. Wooden tongue-and-groove paneling provides a perfect backdrop to the word home”.

To make the epic home word, you need:

  • An old picture frame,
  • A white ribbon,
  • A wreath base or an embroidery hoop,
  • Home word, and
  • Succulent.

6. Frame the Memory

Frame the Memory

Home is where your family can gather and create beautiful memories. Sometimes those memories are captured in some pictures.

Share the warmth and happiness by displaying the best picture of you with your family and place it in the middle.

You do not need to add a picture frame as you will go for a more epic idea like hanging some quotes with handwritten fonts around the picture to frame it.

7. Whitewashed Mirror Frame and Wreath

Whitewashed Mirror Frame and Wreath

If your living room is rather small, you can try hanging three mirrors on the wall. The mirrors will offer a visual trick that makes it appear to be larger.

To accentuate the farmhouse style, you can whitewash the mirror frames. The whitewashed mirror frames match the white wall immensely, making them flow into one being without compromising the rustic look.

To kick it up a notch, hang a wreath on one of the mirrors.

8. Faux Magnolia Wreath and a Message of Love

Faux Magnolia Wreath and a Message of Love

Wreaths are the most ubiquitous adornments used in a farmhouse style. They are simple, beautiful, and versatile. The wreath can be made of various kinds of materials like flowers, leaves, foliage, or even rattan. And this wreath is made of faux magnolia.

The faux magnolia wreath floats nicely over the rustic table. Next to the wreath is a LOVEword that is arranged artistically and framed with distressed wood.

9. Let’s Eat Together

Let’s Eat Together

The dining room is the place where you can gather with your family while enjoying delectable food and catching up with them. Therefore, it deserves a fantastic wall décor, just like this one.

  • Four white shutters are hung on the wall.
  • The word gather which is made in a handwritten font is attached on the shutters.
  • Two galvanized steel planters are hung on both sides of the shutters to anchor the gather sign.

10. White Lantern and a Quote

White Lantern and a Quote

Quotes have always been a perfect wall décor that can amp your interior up. They not only make your home look more appealing but also remind you about what a home really is or what should be done.

This living room looks great with a quote that reminds you to maintain the love in your home. Next to the quote is a classic white lantern that completes the classic of the wall décor.

11. Share The Joy and Be Grateful

Share the Joy and Be Grateful

Don’t trap your beautiful memories on your phone or computer. They need to be shared with other people so they can also get positive vibes from the photos.

To make it look more appealing, you can hang some other adornments like a galvanized planter with beautiful foliage and a thankful sign framed with distressed wood to remind you to be always grateful for everything gotten.

12. A Great Reminder

farmhouse wall decor - A Great Reminder

The living room is a place where you can gather and relax with your family or have conversation with your guests. Therefore, if you are looking for the best wall décor for your living room, these reminders would be the top-notch choice.

  • A rustic clock that can remind you about the time.
  • Two quotes Be kindand Be present that anchor the clock also make pretty good reminders.

13. Fabulous Bougainville in Jars

Farmhouse Wall Decor - Fabulous Bougainville in Jars

Hanging sconces in the porch to illuminate it as well as making a great wall décor is a dime a dozen. Why don’t you try something new just like these jars?

To make this beautiful wall décor, you will need to:

  • Get two boards and attach a wrought-iron hook on each of them.
  • Fill in the mason jars with battery-operated fairy lights.
  • Put some Bougainville or any faux flowers in the jars.
  • Hang the jars using jute string.

14. Stay Awhile

Farmhouse Wall Decor - Stay Awhile

A living room is a place where you can have a conversation with some guests or banter with some old friends who stop by. When enjoying the time, you do not want them to leave so soon. This wall décor can express your thought well.

An arched wooden window frame hangs nicely on the wall to hold a sign that tells your guests to stay awhile. Two shutters and galvanized planters are hung on both sides of the window frame, creating a balanced look.

15. An Epic Way to Tell the Time

Awesome Farmhouse Wal Decor An Epic Way to Tell the Time

Time is the most priceless thing in this whole world. That is the reason why we have to use time wisely.

Since time is really important, many homeowners incorporate a clock as their wall décor. Not only does it helps you to be punctual but also adorns the home immensely.

This clock provides the charm of a classic look to the living room. Instead of using the usual numbers, this clock features Roman numerals to enhance the classic nuance.

16. Wall Décor for an Awkward Space

Farmhouse Wall Decor - Wall Décor for an Awkward Space

You find an awkward space where the wall is only less than 39 inches to the corner. You may think that you need to do something with this awkward space, but you have no idea what to do. You can try this idea.

  • Get a board and cut to size.
  • Paint it with chalkboard paint.
  • Add a white frame that matches the wall.
  • Write an inspiring quote using chalk. Hang it on the wall.

17. Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

It feels good when you are always welcomed by the warmth of your home. To share this enjoyable feeling with your family, you can try hanging this wall décor in the entrance of the living space.

The brass finish of the word home contrasts with the color of the wall, making it conspicuous. The letter oinfuses the farmhouse style perfectly as it is made of a wreath.

18. Up-Cycle Wood Pallet

Farmhouse wall decor ideas - Up-Cycle Wood Pallet

A fabulous wall décor does not have to be pricey. Make a great wall décor without making you short on cash by repurposing what’s in your storage room, just like this wood pallet.

This wood pallet can be the best place to hang some indoor plants. You can also hang some jars with battery-operated fairy lights to perfect the look. The good thing is it is not only suitable for a farmhouse style but also modern style.

19. Old Barn Door

DIY Farmhouse Wall Decor - Old Barn Door

Barn doors are the most noticeable item in a farmhouse. And if you think about replacing your old barn door with a new one, do not rip it off because you will be using it as your wall décor.

You just need to hang the barn door on the wall and attach a wreath on it to sweeten its look. You can also stain the door before hanging to make it look less obsolete.

20. Fun Trip to the Stair

farmhouse wall decor - Fun Trip to the Stair

Do not let your trip to the stair be boring because you only see a stark wall as you climb up the stair. Jazz the wall up by adding wall décor.

You can get almost anything you have in your home or neighborhoods to make the trip to the upstairs become more fun. You can hang fancy frames, old window frames, shutters, quotes, you name it! Just make sure they are quite rustic.

21. Windmill Clock

Windmill Clock

This is an epic way of telling the time. By repurposing an old windmill and adding the two hands of a clock, you get a splendid clock. However, you will need to add some other stuff to make this windmill clockwork.

Old pallets are arranged and attached on the wall to hold the windmill in place. Besides, they help to accentuate the clock.

22. Display the Window Frames

farmhouse wall decor ideas - Display the Window Frames

This is another great idea to make the trip to the stair become less tiring. You can try attaching some well-worn window frames so they can cover the plain wall from floor to ceiling.

To get the well-worn look, you can paint the frames and sand them down a little bit. The peach wreath is the icing on the cake.

23. Family Scrabble

farmhouse wall decor Family Scrabble

Are you really into playing Scrabble with your family? Try this brilliant idea to take the game to the next level.

You only need some boards or pallets that are cut into some small squares. Stain all the squares and print some letters on them. Then, arrange the letters to form the names of your family members on the wall.

24. Mood Booster in the Morning

farmhouse wall decor - Mood Booster in the Morning

This wall décor will boost your mood in the morning and make your day. You will feel like you are welcomed with a warm smile in the morning whenever you look at yourself at the grooming area. Just give it a try, gorgeous!

Those are 24 farmhouse wall décor ideas that you can try at home. They are relatively cheap, but will never fail to impress anyone who sees them.

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