47 Best Front Yard Garden Ideas, Make Your Home Appeal

Are you getting bored with the scenery behind the house? Want to make something new and different? Looks like you need to try 47 ideas to make your backyard more beautiful and enchanting. Make sure you listen until you finish some of the reviews below.

1. Small Front Yard

Small Front Yard Garden
Source: architecturein.com

This type of garden has become quite famous for its uniqueness. This garden plant will be very fitting to be built in your front yard.

2. Simple Flower Beds

This flower garden will be very suitable if built in the front yard or side of the house. This flower garden also uses simple themes and concepts.

3. Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

The main ingredient for building this garden is wood. The wood is planted by various kinds of vegetables such as carrots.

4. No Grass

No Grass Front Garden
Source: decorifusta.com

The unique thing about this garden is that there is no grass inside. Though all this time the grass has become one of the parts to build a garden.

5. Rocks Garden

Front Rock Garden Ideas
Source: gogreen-nashville.com

This garden also has a special uniqueness than others. Because the accent used to beautify this garden is stone.

6. Beautiful Pathway

Beautiful Pathway
Source: freshouse.de

In this garden, one has created a pathway that is used as a route to surrounding the garden. Here you can see directly a variety of beautiful plants.

7. Modern and Low Maintenance

Modern and Low Maintenance
Source: wroxton-group.com

The next garden can be said to use a modern feel. Besides this garden is also called minimal maintenance or care.

8. Gravel Front Garden

Gravel Front Garden
Source: houzz.se

The decoration used in this garden is quite simple, gravel. But make no mistake here you can also see a variety of tropical plants.

9. Evergreen

evergreen front garden
Source: terrascapeslandscapedesign.com

This garden is dominated by colors that make anyone feel fresher. Because this garden is planted with green plants.

10. Parking Area

The next garden design is usually built on a parking lot. The design of this one garden is very different compared to gardens in general.

11. Front Garden On a Slope

Sloped Front Garden
Source: domythicbliss.blogspot.com

This type of garden design will be ideal if you have low to high ground contours. In this garden, you can plant a variety of green plants.

12. Dry Garden

Dry Front Garden Ideas
Source: thearchitecturedesigns.com

Of course, some of you are wondering why it’s called a dry garden. Because these garden plantations do use accents commonly used outdoors.

13. Front Garden With Driveway

Source: diygarden.co.uk

The cool thing about this flower garden is that there is a road that can be used for your vehicle. Also, you can also add accents such as garden lights.

14. Front Garden Gate

Front Garden Gate
Source: houzz.com

The gate turned out to be used for the entrance to enter a flower garden. That is one of the advantages of this garden design.

15. Front Garden Border

Source: amazon.com

This flower garden combines a concept that is quite charming. Using colorful flowers as a border outside the garden.

16. Gorgeous Entryway

Source: hgtv.com

This one flower garden you can mostly meet before entering the door of the house. Before entering the door of your house is shown a beautiful view.

17. Victorian Home

White flower at victorian home garden
Source: joannaarchergardendesign.com

Next is the flower garden design for Victorian type houses. Types of plants commonly used in this garden are trees and brightly colored flowers.

18. Decking Steps

This charming garden is usually made in the front yard of the house. This garden design is perfect for a minimalist style house.

19. Colorful Bush

colorful bush
Source: gardenseason.com

When you look directly at this garden, you will surely feel amazed and amazed. Because you will be treated to colorful flowers.

20. Bungalow House

Front Garden for Bungalow House
Source: tanjanyberg.wordpress.com

The last idea you can use is quite simple. Although simple this garden is very popular in the European region.

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