19 Impressive Gaming Room Makeover Ideas for Adult

There is no such thing as too old to play a game. No matter your age, you’re always cool enough to have a fun time. Besides, spending your time playing a game is not as bad as people may think. It has been proven that you can reduce stress while polished your memory to stay on top. So, it’s totally awesome if you dedicated a specific place of your home to be your play area. Take some of these impressive gaming room makeover ideas that you can implement in your own room.

Exciting Entertainment Room Ideas

1. Combine Rustic and Modern

1. Combine Rustic and Modern - Gaming room makeover

If what you have is an old house with brick walls, don’t cover the beautiful elements. Exposed brick brings out warmth to the room. Combine with the choice of wooden furniture, which makes it feels vintage and rustic. But, contrast your old with your new to create a beautiful dance between two periods.

The big wall screen gives a look of the future more. A pool table as the center point is a great choice instead of using an old coffee table. The room feels a lot more lux this way.

2. Take Advantage of the House Structure

2. Take Advantage of the House Structure

The unusual shape of the house gives it more edge and sometimes makes it tricky to work with. This odd shape wall works wonderfully as the main feature of the room. The exposed concrete makes the room have cool and masculine aura. The assortment of open shelf bar emphasizes it more.

All of those ties together with the black furniture make it even more alluring. Hide your unwanted cables and gaming equipment under the seating to make it a little neater.

3. Play Around with Color

Unique sofa Pattern and color for gaming room

This one example of a gaming room makeover is awesome as your inspiration. Use a unique pattern in the sofas. The unconventional look and color of the pattern gives it something interest to look at. Colored lighting gives it a cute look and different take. Pool table as the central main game is a smart choice. The archery also gives different games to play with friends and family. Use this design as one of your examples.

4. Gamers Dream Room

Gamers Dream Room

If you have money to spend, why don’t you utilize the empty part of your house to be your main playtime area? Go all out with what you put there. If you passionate about bowling, spare a bit of money to have a bowling track installed. The red carpet gives a feel as if you’re in real bowling arena. Arcade games are there too for more options for entertainment. A couple wall art in monochromatic hanging gives a sense of luxury.

5. Cabin Style Makeover

Cabin Style Gaming Room

This room can be used as one of your idea is an impressive one. Create a sense of manly and luxury by exposing many of the warm wood colors. The room feels complete with the use of a dark ceiling that make it as if you’re in a real cabin. Pool table as the main entertainment is a perfect choice. This is where all of your party and hanging out take place. The many rustic elements on the wall décor accentuate the look around the room.

6. Utilize the Stairs

Gaming Room Stairs Ideas

The otherwise unused part of the house of the stairs can be transformed as a part of your gaming room makeover. Get the continuous theme from your basement and your stairs to make it as if you go down in a completely different place. Complete covered of the stairs and the side walls with the themed of your favorite team. Display your collection of action figures and merchandise that you have.

7. Take It to Outer Space

starship gaming room

Adorn with simple furniture, this room is giving a huge vibe of futuristic starship. The illusion of colors and pattern on the wall, flooring and the wall is a smart choice. The soft lighting achieves the futuristic look. Although there are many arcade games line up in one of the wall, it doesn’t distract the idea of the concept. This only solidifies that this one is a game room for future outer space goers.

8. Soft but Masculine

A coherence color pallet in a space can really break or make the appearance of it. This impressive entertainment and game room example is nauseatingly beautiful with bluish-grey color theme. Pay attention to how every furniture is thought about perfectly. The matching color of the pool table, sofa and ceiling gives a unique and masculine air. Wall art painting of the favorite number of their players also showcase their personality.

9. Show off Your Support

Change and transform your room with the themed of your favorite game. This choice of using football as their main concept makes the room really gets with the concept. Assortment display of sign jersey really brings the room to another level. The contrast look of outdoor and indoor by the full pack entertainment center can strongly be felt in this one. Lighting that is installed on the ceiling also makes it as if you’re in the stadium somewhere.

10. Garage Bar Arena

Try this trick of making a gaming room makeover from an otherwise wasted place in your garage. Gray and orange theme is smartly used to make it not easily get dirty but also create a masculine look. This is totally fit for an adult to use the arena because of the installation of the bar. Arrangement of seating area to face a big screen makes an interesting intimate area for you and friends to enjoy a game together.

11. Thinking outside of the Box

When you work on a tight budget but you still want to create an awesome man cave, you need to think outside the box. Do it by simply using cheap material that you have. This room gives an example of how you can go about that idea. Use a stone stack wall to create an edgy and unique look to the architecture. The theme continues to have as if it’s on a forest somewhere by using a stack of logs as the main foundation of the furniture. A choice of using dark-framed wall arts and prints is incredible.

12. Go with Minimalist Approach

Gaming Room Minimalist Approach

Not every gamers love to decor their room in big bold prints or many figurines. If you’re one of those people, go with the minimalist approach on your décor. It’s possible to create a masculine and luxury look with the quantity of furniture but using a smart choice of how the furniture looks. Design your space with tasteful and manly centric colors such as this dark gray and blue tone choice. The black overpowering entertainment center supports the look of masculinity in the room.

13. Put on Starry Themed

13. Put on Starry Themed

Designing a room that’s unique and different than any other game room will be ideal. In this example picture, unusual ceiling was cropped and filled with starry night painting. This gives the room atmosphere of being outside and totally cool for an adult. Interesting starry theme is compliment by the shades of blue of the furniture emphasized the space feeling. The wall is adorned with a wall art of car and figurines that make it different.

14. Garage Theme Man Cave

A garage theme for entertainment area is really popular right now. Create a functional space in your otherwise wasted place of the garage. Interesting look is achieved by multiple colored flooring. Pool table in the middle of the room serves as a center playtime area. The existence of the bar and seating area compliments the metallic of the bike perfectly. A masculine and cold look is broken by a warm wood of the garage door.

15. Combine Garage and Theater in One

Aside from using the garage as a playroom, you can use it as a theater room too. Store your bike beautifully there that act as decoration too. Use your wall as decoration to display the pictures of your bike clubs and friends. Souvenir from your various trips is beautifully displayed above the entertainment screen. This is a smart idea to utilize the use of a small space. A visual interest is delivered by the pop of colors in the bar stools.

16. Visually Pleasing Line

This one example of a gaming room makeover is super unique. It uses lines to create an interesting display. Each line was created by different type of material and thickness that it makes it even more distinct than other designs. The lines of the room intersect so perfectly to create an illusion of a more spacious space. Bar sign on the wall gives an edgy look, while the board dart gives decoration as well as fun playtime.

17. Design Your Own Bowling Alley

Design Your Own Bowling Alley

You can take another route of designing your bowling addiction. Create a specific hallway on the corner of your house as a track of your bowling alley. The half circled furniture has the center point of the bowling alley will make a serious entertainment display. A visual effect of graffiti in the walls gives a unique look, differentiates it with the usual bowling alley look that usually is rather blank.

18. Light Your Center Point in Blue

Blue is a great color to have in your gaming room. It has a calming effect. Using a bright blue color under your pool table makes the white walls pop up. The colored lighting gives the otherwise dull and faded room a livelier feeling. The choice of having two mounted screens on the opposite wall makes the better and full entertainment for your guests and friends. The dark outline of the fireplace gives a darker look within the room.

19. Put Your Cave Man in Your Living Room

For a limited small square, you often don’t have enough room to create a designated place for your gaming room. In that case, use your living room double as your gaming den. Surround your couches with island to make a visual separation from the rest of your floor plant. Multiple screens on the wall give a maximum experience of gaming and entertainment. The main beauty of this room is the intricate ceiling. Using the concept of open support gives more manly touch that is totally fitting for adults to have.

20. The Secret Room of Dark Colors

Dark Color

One of the tricky things to determine when doing a gaming room makeover is determining how to add color into the room. It’s tricky because you don’t want to overpower the rest of the gaming equipment. This room displays a perfect example of how to do it perfectly. The use of dark blue, dark red in the room gives interesting visuals but doesn’t overpower what’s happening on the screen. Even the wall art on the wall doesn’t crowd the room because the dark colors could easily blend into one another.

As an adult, embrace your passion for gaming and create a perfectly functional but also cool game room. There are so many possibilities to make a gaming room that is fit for an adult. In this article, you have been shown 22 examples of gaming room that you can take as inspiration. Creating your own den using creative design that compliments your personality will make it all the more exciting. You can take inspiration from one of the 22 designs or get your own spin on it.