21+ Gaming Room Wall Decors That’s Seriously Epic

Dedicating a room in your home specifically made for your hobby would be awesome. You can focus enjoy doing what you love without getting distracted. This’s nice for hobbies that need concentration, like gaming. Having a designated place where you can store all of your equipment would be nice. But, take it to another level to make an epic oasis with these gaming room wall decor ideas. Here are XXXX that you can take inspiration from.

Wall Decor Ideas for Epic Gaming Experience

1. For Minimalist Folk

Game room Wall decors 1. For Minimalist Folk

If you’re someone that doesn’t like clutter and very much into a ‘less is more’ motto, then this one gaming room setup would be ideal. A wall-mounted screen helps you to keep your monitor off the floor which discards the need for an entertainment center or a cabinet to support it.

An enormous screen that covers your entire wall will also give take your playing experience a lot more fun. Give it a more luxury touch by adding colored lighting to allow low-lighting without overpowered your screen.

2. Back to Classic

Game room wall decor 2. Back to Classic

There is always a time where you go back and reminiscing about your childhood games. Go back to your roots and decor your gaming room to have a classic theme. You can give a touch of it as a wall decoration.

An otherwise boring room turns into a geek den for you to play around. Add curtains to your room too. Asides from the functionality of blocking the light from entering your room, it also reduces the sound in your room too.

3. Simple but Cute

Game room Wall Decors 3. Simple but Cute

You don’t need to put much effort to have a cool gaming room. With the help of simple stickers, transform your blank wall and make it into the coolest things that you’ve seen ever.

Find some stickers with the theme of your favorite game from many websites online. Combine that with the rest of your furniture and your collections if action figures. Throw pillows and blanket will complete the look.

5. Awaken the Force with A Star Wars Themed


For Star Wars fans, immerse yourself as if you’re in a space with Luke by making it the themed of your room. Gaming room wall decor idea that you can use is by hanging lightsaber effect using colored fluorescent lighting. Use blue, red and green light for a great choice.

Scatter action figures of your favorite characters from the franchise to emphasize more of the concept, putting any other merchandise that you have to make it even more special.

4. Create a Gaming Library


A big question from many gamers when they decorate their gaming room is how to fit all of their collection. A passion for gaming often forces you to buy a lot of equipment till it’s overflowing your cabinet.

Why not put all of your collection of games and organize your equipment with mounted shelves. Covering your entire walls with gaming equipment makes a room feels as if it’s a library made for gamers.

6. Surround Yourself in Impressive Sound System

35. Usage Shelves Wisely

Get a gaming experience to another level by installing an impressive sound system. If you have a budget for it, get different sizes of sound speakers and arrange it in your room to give the blast when you playing a game. If you arrange many of the sound system, you can use it as a decoration piece too.

Put it in your wall to make it into a good arrangement. Fun and functional should be the main point of your gaming room. Elegant lighting will make it look more expensive.

7. Dorm Room Version

7. Dorm Room Version

There’s no point in not indulging yourself in your hobby just because you live n a dorm as a student. You can still create an impressive gaming setup in your dorm. Putting action figures in your dorm would have the risk of it got stolen.

The easiest thing to do is getting a game themed blanket for your bed. But, don’t forget about your wall. Put wall art on your wall to avoid having a blank wall. A clock on your wall that is on theme with your decor will be functional as well cute.

8. Put Actions on Your Living Room

Living Room Gaming Ideas

Sometimes you’re limited to have a specific space in your house. Take advantage of your living room by doubling it as your entertainment arena. You probably already have a TV and entertainment center there. Ditch the bulky cabinet and mount your TV on the wall instead.

Create a visual interest in an otherwise simple setup with the use of colored lighting behind a mounted TV. Make use of this trick as gaming room wall decor.

9. Entertain Your Friends

Awesome Gaming Room Ideas to Play With Your Friend
awesome multi-players game room arrangement

Playing a game is a lot more enjoyable if you have someone that can challenge you. Invite your friends over to your awesome multi-players game room arrangement.  Setup enough furniture and hardware for everyone. A long couch or bean bags scatter around the room is a good idea for everyone to sit.

Install multiple screens too to give each of your friends’ maximum experience in your epic gaming room.

10. Display Those Babies

10. Display Those Babies - Gaming Room Ideas

A game enthusiast would spend a great amount of money to buy many action figures for collection. If you are one yourself, display them on your gaming room. You can opt to have a floor to ceiling shelves and utilized it specifically for your babies. This doesn’t work for everyone.

Choose floating shelves instead and install them above your TV. A bright color shelf would bring eyes up and look at your collections.

11. Work and Play Time Begin

11. Work and Play Time Begin - gaming room ideas

The Internet has allowed people to work mobile from anywhere. Many choose to have their home as their office too. If you work from home, set a corner in your home office as your playroom. Use a divider between the two spaces would make a smart way to separate work hours and break hours.

Adding pictures and wall arts as decoration helps to create an atmosphere of your playtime. While in the office side of the décor, you can contrast them with motivational quotes and prints.

12. A Clever Lighting

12. A Clever Lighting - game room ideas

In small homes or apartments, it can be a bit difficult to create a proper ambiance for a gaming room, especially if the room that you work with doesn’t have a high ceiling. Installing lighting can be tricky. To prevent your eyes to be blinded by your main gaming screen, install a lightbox above your screens.

A choice of having a soft light illuminating from the box as well as a calm color pallet in your room will create enough brightness to not make your room cramped and hot, but provide enough lighting to your eyes.

13. Take Arcade to Your Home

13. Take Arcade to Your Home

Make use of your otherwise empty corner of the house and transform it into an arcade decoration. Create that feeling of being in an arcade by getting yourself a driving simulator. If you have the budget, get more than one to make a competitive experiment with your friends.

A gaming room wall decor idea for arcade room is to get some wall arts on themed with arcade games. This is going to help you achieve it getting your arcade experience to your home more.

14. Create a Negative Space with Dark Colors

14. Create a Negative Space with Dark Colors

Designing a room for gameplay that creates an ambiance that is perfect for a gaming section is sometimes hard to do. Implementing dark colors on your walls will create a sense of as if you’re on a den. To make it less harsh on your eyes, create that negative space on your shelves by putting colored lighting on its border.

Colored LED would also look best in your coffee table. This will create an amazing environment for your gaming time.

15. Street Art Inspired Room

15. Street Art Inspired Room

Be a little wild and go all out with the decor of your wall. While many gamers opt to leave their walls blank, make yours unique and edgy with street arts. Pops of bright colors make your otherwise dark place feel a lot livelier. Conventionally arrange your gaming equipment against the wall neatly.

This will make your wall arts contrast beautifully with your modern electronics.

16. Take It to Outer Space in Starship

16. Take It to Outer Space in Starship

Gaming rooms often too focused on the experience when playing a game. Take a different look instead and transformed your room becomes a Starship. Futuristic appearance is nicely achieved by the use of smart-looking furniture.

The choice of using gray as the main color supports that ambiance. Multiple wall arts with the themed of the show and outer space force more of that futuristic concept.

17. Fresh and Clean Look

17. Fresh and Clean Look Gaming Area

Some gamers may not enjoy using too much colors and crowded equipment. Instead, they choose a more clean and fresh look that is best being used ad your daytime playtime. Using white as the main color of a room really gives that airy feeling.

Couple with the existence of big windows that let natural lights coming. You can still decorate the wall with simple but still on theme with gaming wall art. A monochromatic wall art is perfect for the job. Also, add pops here and there with books.

18. For You that Likes Competition

18. For You that Likes Competition

Competition between gamers not only happens online. Challenge yourself and friends on who’s the best in rolling the balls by installing multiple basket hoops on your walls. When you do that, you can make use of your otherwise blank wall. This can be a functional and fun gaming room wall decor idea.

The black and white color pallet of the room compliments the basket hoops because it tones down the rather busy look on your wall.

19. Pull out The Big Gun

19. Pull out The Big Gun

Who says that having fun in the gaming room is all about experience in front of the screen? Go have fun and complete your gaming equipment with the big gun to satisfy you and your friends’ hangout time. Utilize your big space by putting a big pool table.

You will create the ultimate bachelor pad if you choose it in a dark color. Emphasize your masculinity with cool lighting. Decor your walls with prints of cities or other luxury objects to forces more of that feeling.

20. Blue Always Gets the Jobs Done

20. Blue Always Gets the Jobs Done - Game Room Setup

There is something about making blue the main color of your gaming room that makes it exceptionally cool. Royal blue seems to get the best job done. Create an ambiance that is perfect for gaming time by painting one of your wall royal blue.

The use of the same colored sofa goes well with the rest of the place. More importantly, wall arts that have the same colored family from your favorite games make the perfect den.

21. Best Hang Out Spot for You and Friends

21. Best Hang Out Spot for You and Friends - game room wall decor

This is the perfect spot for you to invite all of your friends in a party. By placing your seating arrangement focused on your big screen, everyone is going to be able to enjoy the entertainment.

You can couple that with dark ambiance makes it even more intimate. Big paintings of sceneries lighten up the mood perfectly. The warm color of the paintings add different aura of the gaming room.

22. Play Around with Wallpaper

22. Play Around with Wallpaper

Your gaming room wall decor can be many things. You can make it have a futuristic look with modern furniture and equipment, or have something more oriental by the use of wallpaper. Play around with the color that you like. A room with dominating red-colored wallpaper gives a feel of oriental environment.

Vintage wooden furniture pushes the ambiance more. The touch of the gaming equipment gives the room slightly modern spin and doesn’t make it old and ugly. Instead, a unique look is what comes out of it.

Having a room that is specifically made for your hobby in gaming is important, more so, if you’re a strong enthusiast of gaming. Your gaming playtime will take on different levels if you also pay attention to your decoration. Pick the right color and furniture, but also never forget your wall. Wall decor is really important to create the perfect ambiance of your playtime. Make use of many themed wall arts that are sold online to achieve that.