5 Best Japanese Zen Rock Garden Ideas for Front Yard

I love Japanese Zen rock gardens, simplicity and calm can help relax the mind after a busy day.

Japanese Zen rock garden is simply designed with only a few types of goods and plants. This park is usually placed in a strategic place, and does not require a lot of space. So that beauty and calm can be enjoyed at any time.

As the name implies, the concept of this rock garden originated in Japan. You could say the zen rock garden defies the notion of the park in general. Because no pond was found full of fish, gazebos, or rows of lush trees.

Inside there was no green grass, only sand, gravel, and rare bushes. There is also not much contrast in color, because there are no flowers in it.

There are people who like it because of the peace and tranquility of the park. Some people like the beauty of the balance of nature and art. Others like it as a place for reflection and relaxation.

These reasons are not important, you can pay attention to the following factors when planning to build them in your front yard

Some things to consider when planning your Japanese garden front yard are:

  1. Does it blend with the house?
  2. Japanese Garden Viewpoint
  3. Types of Japanese gardens to choose from
  4. Hardcaping
  5. Water feature
  6. Simple and minimalist or miniature scenes?
  7. Privacy and relaxation or display gardens

After staring at the Japanese rock garden for a while, your mind will start to ‘develop’ and see things that were not originally in the pattern. Because the transformation of a peaceful state with the nuances of freedom that leads to relaxation and tranquility.

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Photo by Hanselman Landscape and GardensDiscover landscaping design inspiration