23 Brilliant Small Kitchen Design Ideas for Tiny Space Room

A kitchen is a place where you can cook delectable food and, of course, make your family smile with their happy tummy. However, some kitchens are tiny. But that is not a dead-end as you can make it become more comfortable and appealing with brilliant small kitchen design ideas.

Brilliant small kitchen design ideas deal with some tips on tricking the eyes so you think that your kitchen is bigger than it really is. There are many things that you can do to achieve this goal which includes letting the natural light come into the kitchen or using neutral colors.

Besides making your small kitchen look larger, a brilliant kitchen design allows you to move and cook comfortably without compromising the sufficient countertop where you usually work on.

If you are looking for brilliant ideas to provide the ultimate comfort to your kitchen, look no further as 24 small kitchen design ideas are here.

1. Add a Lively Lift

small-kitchen-ideas-u-shaped Add a Lively Lift

It is always great to incorporate plants into your home décor. They have never failed to bring the charm of nature and positive vibes to any room in your house including the kitchen.

This small kitchen looks clean and hygienic due to the white finish. It would look a little bit boring if the roses and ivy were not there. Letting the ivy dangle from the wall-mounted boiler is a brilliant way to create a dramatic look.

2. Go White – Small Kitchen Ideas

Go White - Small Kitchen Ideas

One of the best ways to make your small kitchen appear to be larger is by painting it white. White is one of the neutral colors that can create the illusion of a more spacious room.

This kitchen features a crisp white finish that makes it look inviting. To avoid the stark look, it is paired with the wood natural color. Large tiles are installed to expand the space visually.

3. Ditch the Cabinets Storage

Ditch the Cabinets kitchen storage

When you are dealing with a space-challenged kitchen, you need to downsize the furniture so you can have more room in it. However, this decision may lead to some other problems. One of which is the lack of storage space.

Instead of keeping your bulky cabinets that can gobble up a lot of space, you can make your own open shelves. Open shelves have many benefits:

  • They provide ample storage space without making your kitchen become more cramped.
  • They are easy to make.

4. Incorporate Natural Light

Incorporate Natural Light

It is important to make sure that your small kitchen has sufficient light, especially from natural lighting because it can open up the space and make your kitchen become airy. As a result, you will feel comfortable when slaving over a hot stove.

This kitchen features a large window that allows natural light to come into the kitchen. The white subway tiles help to reflect the light well.

5. Plant Some Herbs in the Kitchen

Plant Some Herbs in the Kitchen

Just like what you have learned, adding a lively lift to your kitchen has always been a great idea. But it would be much better if you invested in herbs rather than decorative plants.

Here are the steps to keep the herb garden in your kitchen:

  • Fill in a container with pebbles.
  • Add a layer of potting soil.
  • Add the herb.
  • Place it near the window or any place that can have the access of natural light.

6. U-Shaped Kitchen Idea

U-Shaped Kitchen Idea

A kitchen island can be the hero of a kitchen as it offers an additional place to work on. However, it can be a disaster when it comes to an undersized kitchen. It will not add more space to cut veggies. It will hinder the traffic flow, instead.

This small kitchen is still comfortable although it does not have a kitchen island. The U-shaped design allows you to have more space to work for multiple users.

7. Modern Red Kitchen

Modern Red Kitchen

If the modern style is your thing, you are going to love this kitchen design. Everything remains simple in this kitchen. The sleek design of the cabinets with minimalism applied denotes modern and futuristic style immensely.

Combined with crisp white, this kitchen offers visual appeal for anyone who sees it, making you feel more comfortable to hang out in this small cooking and dining zone.

8. Coastal Blue Kitchen

Coastal Blue Kitchen

This kitchen offers tranquility that you definitely need in the hurly-burly of the morning activity, thanks to the blue backsplash that conjures up the charm of the sea. White grout is used to define the tiles as well as complementing the cabinets.

White shaker cabinets are installed to bring the modern farmhouse style in. To perfect the style, sleek white apron sink is installed.

9. Display What You Have

Display What You Have small kitchen

Plates and cups can make a pretty good adornment. Instead of hiding them away in your cabinets, why don’t you just show them off?

To display your plates and cups, you need to build your cabinet doors out of glass. You may also need to install lighting inside your cabinets to illuminate the plates. You will see how gorgeous they are. They will be able to steal anyone focus.

10. Simple yet Elegant

Simple yet Elegant all grey kitchen

This kitchen looks simple, but you can also find the touch of elegance in it. It is because grey can add an upscale look to your kitchen. When combining with unsophisticated design, grey really enhances a modern kitchen.

To get rid of the mundane look as well as providing sufficient light, you can install hidden LED lamps that give yellowish dim.

11. Rustic Kitchen Style

Rustic Kitchen Style

This rustic kitchen is eminently mind-blowing. The barn door style is found in the cabinets. The countertop features roughly-cut edges that accentuate the rustic look. An old ladder is used to hang pots and pans.

Instead of backsplash, this kitchen features a large chalkboard that you can use to write down grocery list or recipes.

12. Modern Meets Traditional

Modern Meets Traditional - kitchen style

This kitchen brings the stylish look of modernity as well as referring to the charm of the past. The black matte cabinets feature clean-line edges that make them look bold. The lower cabinets are covered with a veneer which gives them the look of natural wood grain.

White subway tiles are used as the backsplash, incorporating the touch of a traditional look. The white grout perfects the tiles very well, making them look united.

13. Add a Beautiful Wallpaper and Foldable Table

Add a Beautiful Wallpaper and Foldable Table

The biggest problem of a small kitchen is the limited workspace. You cannot add a kitchen island in it as it will just make the area more cramped.

You can opt for a wall-mounted foldable table. Unfold this table if you need more space to work or a nook to enjoy your breakfast. And when you are done, drop the leaf so that the kitchen still has plenty of space.

14. Stay Slim and Clear

Stay Slim and Clear Kitchen Style

This undersized kitchen implements U-shaped design to allow the user to move efficiently. To avoid the fussy look, everything keeps down to a minimum. There are no fancy details that you can find in the cabinets, which makes them suit contemporary style.

The unique stools complement the kitchen nicely with the brown and white tones, and the slim design. Four pendant lights hanging over the bar top are the icing on the cake.

15. Yellow Kitchen with Embossed Ceiling Tiles

Yellow Kitchen with Embossed Ceiling Tiles

It is said that neutral colors are always your safe bet when it comes to a tiny kitchen, but it does not mean you are not allowed to use any other likable color. This is your kitchen. Its design has to add a personality boost to it. If you love vibrant colors, just go with it.

This kitchen features vivacious yellow cabinets. The lack of ornaments and details make them perfect for a modern or contemporary kitchen. The ceiling is covered with embossed tiles that add a textural element to the kitchen.

16. Shimmering Backsplash

Shimmering Backsplash kitchen style

Paying attention to any detail is important for any type of kitchens. You need to consider the designs and materials that can maximize your kitchen.

This shimmering backsplash can help to maximize your small kitchen well. The mosaic design is mesmerizing. Some of the tiles are made of mirror that can reflect the light better.


  • The mirror tiles can reflect the light which makes the kitchen look more spacious.


  • Laying the mosaic tiles for the backsplash could take time.

17. Hide the Kitchen Away

Hide the Kitchen Away

Dwelling in a space-challenged apartment can be frustrating somehow. You have to get by with very limited space. But you can still have a cozy kitchen despite the limited space in your apartment if this modern kitchen invested.

It looks like a fridge. But when you open its door, anything needed to cook scrumptious food is found. And when you are done, close its door to hide the kitchen out of your sight.

18. Minimalist Yellow and Grey

Minimalist Yellow and Grey kitchen design

This kitchen looks elegant with the all-grey finish as such color can incorporate an upscale look. When combined with clean-line-edge furniture, grey can enhance the modern style.

However, grey can be boring. Therefore, this grey kitchen features a few tints of yellow to balance the look. You can see the big change that has been made by those yellow shelves and table.

19. Flow into One Being

Flow into One Being kitchen

This tunnel-like kitchen looks amazing as the cabinets match the floor perfectly, making them flow into one being. Besides, the wooden floor and cabinets bring the ambiance of a traditional Japanese house which is fabulous and tranquil.

Recessed lights are installed under the cabinets, making sure that you get sufficient light when working on the countertop. The white backsplash adds a little bit of textural element to this kitchen.

20. A Cooking Nook

A Cooking Nook

This kitchen is so small that it cannot accommodate multiple users. Since it has very limited space, you need to ditch bulky cabinets and replace them with open shelves.

The biggest challenge is keeping things organized as you cannot have more shelves here. Therefore, you can place the mostly-used condiments and spices on a tray lain on the countertop. You can also hang a motivational quote in your kitchen to make it better.

21. Freshen Up with Lemon

Freshen Up with Lemon kitchen ideas

This white kitchen looks clean, tidy, and hygienic. Everything is minimalist which is suitable for the modern style.

To avoid the too-hygienic look that you usually find in a hospital, you can add a few tints of vivacious colors, just like these yellow cabinets. They look like fresh lemons that freshen this white kitchen up.

22. Incorporate Natural View

Incorporate Natural View

Try incorporating natural view to your kitchen. If you live near the sea, that will be a jackpot. All you need to do is just rip your wall off and replace it with floor-to-ceiling glass. Even if you do not live near the sea, at least your backyard landscaping can alleviate the stress.


  • The huge glass allows more natural light to come into the kitchen.
  • The charm of nature will not make you bored.


  • You need to compromise your ultimate privacy.

23. Use Every Space You Have

Use Every Space You Have -

When it comes to limited space, every inch counted. You are required to be more creative in optimizing the available storage space so the clutter will not take over your kitchen.

The area under the ceiling is often overlooked. The truth is it is a potential space that will help you get rid of clutter. Just place your less-used utensils in it so your small kitchen will stay organized.

24. Don’t Stick to only One Style

Don’t Stick to only One Style

This is your kitchen so please feel free to decorate and arrange the furniture whatever you like. Do not have to stick to only one style if you want to bring various styles together. Just make sure it will not end up with a haphazard look.

This kitchen combines modern and rustic elements nicely. The minimalist cabinets represent the practicality of modern design. Exposed brick wall makes a great rustic backsplash. To make it more appealing, some ancient masks are hung over the door.

Now you know that cooking in a small kitchen is not always that bad. Try applying one of these small kitchen design ideas to get the ultimate comfort that you have been looking for when getting busy in the kitchen.