Minimalist Large Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room You Need to Have

If you are an art enthusiast, you may think that you need to scare away from adopting minimalist aesthetic for your home. Their decor seems bland for your taste and has zero art hanging anywhere, but you can actually still incorporate wall décors into your space with wall art that is designed with minimalist in mind. Here are some minimalist large wall decor ideas for living that you can take as an inspiration.

Jazz Up the Wall on Your Space

The minimalist aesthetic is really on-trend right now. If you look and go to Instagram or Pinterest you will see so many beautiful white living rooms that look so pristine and luxurious. Most minimalist aesthetic is also using very basic neutral colors, so it makes you confused as to what to put on your blank wall, while still go together with the rest of your furniture.

 1. Liven It Up With Pictures of You and Your Loved Ones

1. Big Wall Picture for Minimalis Wall Decor

The most common practice that people use as their large wall decor ideas would be picture frames. An arrangement of frames usually is put above your sofa, or above your fireplace. This will look amazing if you organize their placement right. Choose pictures with color schemed that will go together with the rest of your furniture. But don’t put too many pictures since it would make your place feels clutter.

Having pictures out on your wall of you will also give an insight of you as a person to your guest. Pictures of your friends and family will make you feel a lot closer to them if they live far away from you. But be mindful about the pictures that you choose. It will be better if you pick pictures with a color schemed that will go together with the rest of your furniture.

2. Bring a Modern Look with Black and White Pictures

2. wonderful black and white wall decor

Those two colors would never go wrong in a minimalist setting. They are such a neutral color that even if you love to use many colors, you can use black and white to tie them all up together. You can use this too as your wall decor idea. Putting black and white pictures also provides a modern feeling into your living room space, which totally goes well with most of the minimalist aesthetic that people adopt.

The pictures can be anything that you like. You can do a black and white of the city scene; which is really popular now on Pinterest, a black and white picture of someone, or anything that you like to have on the wall. Depends on your color selection, dark and moody pictures will bring out different feelings compare to photos of summer sky, etc. so choose wisely on what kind of minimalist aesthetic you want to have.

3. Maintain Minimalist Look with Line Art

3. leaf line art wall decor

If you don’t know what it is, line art is art that made up of distinct straight or curved lines. Line art would look amazing on your living room as their decoration pieces because it considerably looks simple. Any line art that you choose wouldn’t have any gradation in shade, texture, or consist of more than two colors. So it would be perfect and minimalist enough to put up on your wall.

Most line art artists also choose basic colors as their color pallets. Black and white is obviously the most common one, but if your minimalist style has more colors than just black and white, many artists also produce some navy or brown ones. But white are always seem to be the permanent background for it. Typically, artists would depict an abstract silhouette of people, or you go with the basic of some geometry.

4. Display Your Books

4. Modern Home Library

Your wall decoration doesn’t always to be on the same neutral colors as your main furniture. It would be hard for you that actually love to play with colors. You can combine your neutral furniture with some pops of colors that weren’t too in your face. Don’t use your pops of color too large too; it will take away from the minimalist look that you are trying to achieve. Instead, make it subtle enough but still have some of the fun of having colors in your place.

A smart way to do it is by having wall-mounted shelves as you large wall decor ideas for living room that is filled with your favorite books. No matter the colors of your books are, it won’t overpower the rest of your place because it is small enough to make a noticeable difference, but not so much as to make your place look so out of style with the minimalist aesthetic. But, make sure that most of your books have the same color scheme as the rest of your color pallets.

5. Amped It Up with Plants

5. Amped It Up with Plants

Everything Look Better with Plants! It’s a fact! Something about having a plant on your living area is bringing some type of way. You automatically feel relax but at the same time energized! Bringing plants into your minimalist living room would not be clashed with your aesthetic, because plants even though sometimes have a bright or even really deep green coloring, it actually looks amazing as minimalist décor.

Plants can make your place homier and welcoming which is good for you because the common problem people have with minimalist aesthetic is that it feels cold and unwelcoming. It feels like you can eat pizza there because everything is white and pristine. Having plants on your wall would break that feeling in your living room. You can also tie it up with plans that you use as your outdoor wall decor ideas.

6. Not Plants, But Still Green

6. large wall art decor green plant picture

As stated before, green no matter what shade it is would look good. If you think putting a plant on your home would be a bad idea for its well-being, as in other words, they’d be dead immediately on your care, then choose a fake one. You can put a literal fake plant on your wall just to give it some greenery to spice up your place. Though, some would think that the texture and shape of plants are not something that they are a fan of.

If that was your case, then you can totally just use a picture of a plant! That has been really trendy these past few years as decoration. Picture of Monstera plants against white background is amazing to be put on your wall. A picture of pine trees while snowing would look amazing! You can print or buy a big one as your minimalist large wall decor ideas and make it into the main piece of your decoration.

7. Show off Your Exotic Pieces

7. Show off Your Exotic Pieces

If traveling is your hobby, then you can bring out your oriental and exotic pieces that you get from your holiday and hang them on the wall. Right now, Rotan and Bamboo’s unique pieces are so aesthetic and totally Pinterest worthy to be on your wall. The colors of Bamboo and Rotan would also warm up your place. If you use this in your outdoor wall decor ideas too, you can create a coherence look between your indoor and outdoor space.

Hanging up your souvenir pieces will make you appreciate and remember the time when you go to those places. The memories will carry out with you throughout the day as you seen it on your wall. Besides, souvenir pieces usually are more on the expensive side, so why put something that you pay much money on hidden on a closet somewhere with nobody that able to see that. It will be a waste of your money. It would also not be as bad as what you buy are usually beautiful pieces.

8. Painting

8. Large Wall Picture

No place is going to be a bad place with a beautiful painting on its wall. It does apply too with minimalist space. One of the large wall decor ideas for living room that you can do is this. Put a large painting from your favorite artist on the middle of your wall as your accent pieces. A large painting means that you wouldn’t need any other decoration on your wall, so your place would not feel cluttered at all.

You can choose any colors for your painting, though, you would be better when you decided to put a painting on your wall, choose the main colors of your painting that will correlate better with the rest of your place. Also, mind the mood of your painting too. If your place is minimalist with dark and masculine aura, then choose a painting that is dark and moody too, with a lot of shadow there.

9. Play with Texture

9. Vintage Brick Textured Wallpaper For Walls Home Decor Charlotte May
Charlotte May

If you don’t want to play with having any decoration piece on your wall then you can jazz up your living room area by playing with texture. You can do that by choosing one or two or check all of your walls to be your accent wall. Then play with any texture that you like. You can create that by letting your concrete expose. This is the easiest way, and it’s not bad that it will save you a little bit of money too.

Many people have been selling texture wallpaper in places like Amazon and Etsy. You can choose the texture and colors that you love. A brick wall looks amazing too as your accent colors. The natural red that a brick brings can give an elegant and luxury feels to your place. But having an accent wall in your living room is going to be hard in the long run if you suddenly got bored with the look. You have to change an entire wall instead of just put down some pieces; this would cost a lot more in the long run.

10. Introduce Curtain to Your Living Area

10. Large Curtain Ideas For Living Room
Max Vakhtbovych

The kind of curtain that you put on your windows can dominate the feels that you get from your living room area. Even having a curtain vs. only having a light screen would create a totally different vibes. Not only can act as a large wall decor ideas for living room’s wall, it has the practical reason of having it in your living room area. It acts as a blind when you need to incorporate it.

You can decor your place by playing with curtains. You can choose curtains for your windows based on their colors, textures, and material to bring out the aura and environment that you want. Something dark and heavy gives a feel of luxuries, while light, white and airy will give a sense of a bright and cheerful environment. So play with it to decide which one the right for your minimalist aesthetic.

11. Frame Some Quotes that You Love

11. Frame Some Quotes that You Love
Mikechie Esparagoza

Putting some kind of quotes on your wall is never been out of style. It is always on a front page of various photos of minimalist large wall decor ideas on Pinterest. It is for a good reason. Having your favorite quotes on a picture frame or on a wooden plague will make your space have a more personal touch. On the other hand, having motivation quotes or happy quotes there can get you feel motivated and refresh to start your day.

You can put your quotes on things such as picture frames, wooden plaques, on a paper with your own handwriting, or even use crafted characters being put together. You can choose a minimalist font to not make your place feels clutter. Not only that but don’t use too long of a quote, it will not look well with your minimalist living room.

Putting a decoration on your wall can be hard to choose if you have a minimalist aesthetic, especially for your living room area. You need to consider how it would look in conjunction with the rest of your space and your furniture. Those 11 decoration ideas in this article hopefully can help you to determine what will look good with your aesthetic.