23 Laundry Room Decor Ideas that Keep Things Organized and Improve the Look

LAUNDRY ROOM DECOR IDEAS – For some people, doing the laundry is a real chore. They have to wash, dry, and fold the clothes, again and again, facing the same laundry room, and doing this mundane routine all over again. If you also feel bored with it, overhaul the work zone with laundry room decor ideas.

Although it is a place to clean up the dirty clothes, it still has to be well-organized and make you feel comfortable. There are many ways to realize this idea. You can rearrange your washer and dryer, repaint the laundry room, or lay a rug on the floor.

Another thing that you can do to make your laundry room become less boring is by hanging some quotes or wall art. They cannot help you keep things tidy, but they do amp your laundry room up.

Being well-organized is also important, especially if your laundry room is tight in space. If you are seeking some ideas to transform your tedious laundry room into a chic and efficient one, keep on reading.

1. Teal Laundry Room

Teal Laundry Room

The first thing that you can do to refurbish your laundry room is by repainting it. Try a lighter and fresher color that can jazz your laundry room up.

This laundry room, for example, looks fresh with the teal finish. The crisp white of the shaker cabinets, washer, and the dryer complement the tranquility of the teal wall.

Laundry essentials like soap and clothespins are stored in jars, adding a visual appeal to the room, not to mention the beautiful white peony in the vase.

2. Laundry Room Décor on a Budget

Laundry Room Décor on a Budget

Do you want to refurbish your laundry room, but tight in the budget? Don’t worry! You can perk it up with less money or even for free. You just need to shop around your home and gather some stuff.

You will need to find old washboards, some mason jars, and wicker baskets to adorn your laundry room. Then, let your creativity work.

3. Grey Laundry Room

Grey Laundry Room

This grey laundry room is simple yet elegant. There are not many adornments that you can find here. The only thing that adds pattern to this small laundry room is the grey wallpaper.

All the laundry essentials are stored on the shelves rather than on the countertop so you can have plenty of space to fold the clothes.

4. Farmhouse Laundry Room

Farmhouse Laundry Room

Like the other rooms in your house, the laundry room needs decoration to make it look less stark and blah. Getting a pile of dirty clothes clean is mundane; don’t make it worse with your plain laundry room.

The wall décor has successfully added a little bit of nuance to this laundry room. A well-worn window frame with a twig wreath is chosen to accentuate the farmhouse style. A chandelier hangs over the washer and drying, illuminating the room and adding elegance well.

5. Reading Nook and Laundry Room Combo

Reading Nook and Laundry Room Combo

The most boring thing is waiting for dirty clothes that are being washed in the washer. Instead of waiting and doing nothing, you can find anything else that you can do to kill the time like reading a book.

This laundry room features some shelves that are used to host some books. It is such a brilliant idea to hold the boredom at bay.

6. Crib Drying Rack and Wall Décor

Crib Drying Rack and Wall Décor

When it comes to a laundry room with limited space, you need to keep the floor area clean to make it appear to be larger. Therefore, you can try to repurpose a crib and turn it into a drying rack.

To make this affordable drying rack, you will need to:

  • Paint the crib.
  • Install drywall anchors on the ceiling.
  • Screw eye bolts into the anchors.
  • Add chains that hold the crib.

7. Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room

Doing the laundry takes time. As a result, other important things will be abandoned.

To overcome this problem, place your workstation right in your laundry room so you can finish the monthly financial report while getting the clothes cleaned. It is like getting two fish with one worm, right?

8. Wreath and Old Washboard

Wreath and Old Washboard

Bring the touch of farmhouse décor to your laundry room by hanging a wreath on its wall. The wreath can be made of anything. It can be a twig, boxwood, or even dried leaves wreath.

To enhance the rustic look, grab two old washboards that you can find in your storage room or a flea market nearby. They will add nuance to your laundry room.

9. Hang The Wallpaper

Hang the Wallpaper

The most convenient way to refurbish your laundry room is by hanging a wallpaper. Wallpapers come in a wide array of colors and patterns that you can choose from to meet your style well.

This laundry room looks terrific with nature-themed wallpaper. You will feel like as if hundreds of butterflies and birds were accompanying to accomplish your laundry goal.

10. DIY Wall Décor

DIY Wall Décor

If you are looking for laundry room décor ideas that will not break your bank, this one will be the greatest bet. All you need to do is just getting some leftover from your storage room and harnessing a little bit of your elbow grease.

The next step is tracing the words WASHand DRY onto the boards. Cut the boards, paint, and arrange them on the wall. To accentuate the rustic look, you can sand the painted letters a little bit.

11. Gain New Knowledge

Gain New Knowledge

Has it ever come to mind where the word “laundry” was originated from? You can try to Google and print its meaning and a brief history about how this word was formed, and hang it on the wall as an epic décor.

This wall décor will not only adorn your laundry room nicely but also add more knowledge. You can also add a few giant safety pins to perfect the look.

12. Airy Laundry Room

Airy Laundry Room

You will wish that this kind of laundry room exists in your home. The laundry room looks airy although it is not so spacious thanks to the window and door that allows more natural light to come into the room.

The good thing is you can open the door so more fresh air is gotten or just sit back and relax on the bench while waiting for the dirty clothes to get cleaned.

13. Incorporate Entertaining Area

Incorporate Entertaining Area

Many people agree on one thing – doing laundry is tiring and boring. Therefore, you definitely need something that can ditch your boredom. You can listen to music or watch your favorite TV program in your laundry room, just like this one.

This laundry room looks beautiful with pink wallpaper. Everything is organized well so you have plenty of space to move around. And the best thing is the TV that entertains you while you are ironing clothes.

14. Reuse The Unused Items

Reuse The Unused Items

Making a great wall décor for your laundry room does not have to be costly. Just look around and find anything that lies dormant and is waiting to be tapped into.

This laundry room does not feature fancy wall décor. They are just unused items that you can find in your garage. The wood plank hosts the word “LAUNDRY” and is a nice spot to store the hangers.

Three wrought-iron wheels are hung around the worn wood crates, boosting the rustic look very well.

15. Colorful Laundry Room

Colorful Laundry Room

This laundry room will cheer up your day. The vibrant blue is used as the color base of the other tones. A colorful woven Bohemian wall décor hangs on the blue wall perfectly, making it look like a rainbow in the blue sky.

Colorful rug lies on the floor, providing warmth and comfort for your feet. The trims and cabinets feature a crisp white finish to balance the look of this laundry room.

16. Small Laundry Room

Small Laundry Room

Every inch is important in a small laundry room. Therefore, you need to use up the space efficiently. Keeping the floor space clean is essential in an undersized laundry room.

Instead of bulky cabinets that take up the floor space, it would be better for you to make a wall-mounted shelf above the washer and dryer. You can also hang the cabinets on the wall above the shelf.

17. Hide the Mess Away

Hide the Mess Away

If you do not have a certain room to be the laundry, merge your laundry room with the kitchen, bathroom, or basement. However, the washer, dryer, and the other stuff might ruin the look. Therefore, you need to hide them away.

You can hide your dryer and washer away with a door. But it will take more time to make it. Try hanging a curtain instead. It is easy to install and can hide the mess perfectly.

18. Add a Dramatic Backdrop

Add a Dramatic Backdrop

Besides hanging wallpaper or repainting the wall, you can try covering the wall behind the washer with tiles. It will make a perfect accent wall.

There are various types of tiles that can be chosen. But these faux stone tiles will bring a dramatic backdrop to your laundry room. They also add a textural element that incorporates an upscale look to it.

19. Lay the Rug Down on the Floor

Lay the Rug Down on the Floor

Sometimes creating a new look to your laundry room is eminently simple. It can be as simple as laying a rug on the floor.

This simple way has been overlooked. The truth is it can add nuance to your laundry room. This laundry room, for example, has a red Persian rug that is lying on the grey floor, adding more colors, pattern, and texture without overlapping it.

20. Be Creative with Containers

Be Creative with Containers

Keeping things organized is your next way to go. It is even the first thing that you need to do before overhauling your laundry room. Besides, it can help you find soap and clothespins more easily.

Clear jars would make a great organizer. They allow you to see what is being stored in it. But you can always put on a label on each jar to avoid taking the wrong laundry essential. You can also vary the look by using jars with different sizes.

21. Add a Personality Boost

Add a Personality Boost

Share your feeling about doing the laundry and make anyone giggle while secretly nodding because they agree with you.

This laundry schedule is an epic way to amuse yourself and anyone who reads it. Although it is a schedule, it does not define clearly when you do the laundry. It defines your feeling about it instead. And, yeah, ironing is the most arduous chore.

22. Collect Every Cent You Find

Collect Every Cent You Find

When doing the laundry, you may find treasures among the dirty clothes like buttons and a few cents. You can prepare a special jar to hold them all, just like this one.

This jar will not only help you keep the change but also adorn your laundry room immensely, thanks to the blue finish that adds a distinctive look to it.

To make this jar, you will need:

  • A mason jar that has been painted.
  • A board.
  • A pipe clamp.
  • Screws.

23. Incorporate Smart Storage Solutions

Incorporate Smart Storage Solutions

If your laundry room has limited space, it is essential to use every nook and cranny that you can find there, especially the awkward space between the washer and dryer.

This pull-out rack is a smart storage solution for your laundry room. It allows storing all of the laundry essentials without gobbling up much space as you can hide it away when not used.

24. Retractable Clothes Line

Retractable Clothes Line

Many homeowners avoid installing clotheslines in their laundry room, especially if it has limited space. But these retractable clotheslines will make them change their mind as the said lines are functional and space-saving.

These retractable clotheslines can help you dry your clothes indoors. And when you are done, just roll the clotheslines easily and hide them in the cabinet.

Doing the laundry can be mundane, but it does not mean you cannot alleviate the boredom. These laundry room décor ideas will show you that doing the laundry can be fun. Happy trying!