45 Minimalist Bedroom Design, That Looks Simple and Elegant

Minimalist bedroom designs are now widely applied to change the appearance of the bedroom. Especially for young people today, the minimalist look looks very cool and contemporary.

Apart from its elegant appearance, it is also quite affordable in terms of cost. In a minimalist room design, you don’t need a lot of ornaments or decorations, so you can save money.

Not only that, the minimalist design also prioritizes efficiency, so that even a narrow room can be turned into a comfortable place to relax and rest.

1. Black Color Bedroom

The black minimalist bedroom design has a masculine impression. All aspects in this bedroom are black. Starting from the walls, floors, ceilings, and all furniture are painted black.

Even though it is dominated by black, this room doesn’t look dark. This is because there is a window with a very large size. So that leisure looks bright thanks to the sun.

2. Large Cabinet Wardrobe

If you have a bedroom that is small in size, it will be difficult to put things and clothes in order. So, you need a cupboard with a large size to store all items.

Cabinet cabinets are a great choice for you with this problem.

Because with this design, your wardrobe and storage area will be installed on the walls of the room. So that no remaining space is wasted. You can also store all your belongings neatly.

3. Blue Color Bedroom

For those of you fans of blue, this minimalist bedroom design can be an example to imitate.

The blue color is identical to the sky and sea. So that when the room is painted blue it feels like a beach or coastal style design.

You don’t have to paint the entire wall blue. Because, if you paint everything the room will look dark. But if you still want to do it, choose a light blue or a light color.

4. Gray Color Bedroom

Gray is also a favorite color used to design a minimalist bedroom. Gray color has a modern and futuristic impression. So that there are lots of minimalist style designs that use gray as the main color.

Ash color also works well with white and wood-textured furniture. Like the design example above which combines wood material, white, and gray.

5. Bedrooms for 2 Children

If you have two children of almost the same age or even twins. The minimalist bedroom design above can be an inspiration.

Two gray beds and wooden patterned furniture look interesting and cute. You can store clothes under the bed.

Don’t forget to also provide a toy box to store your baby’s valuables.

6. Bedrooms for Babies

Welcoming the birth of the baby, careful preparation is needed. One of them is a baby cot.

The baby’s bedroom can be one with the parent’s bedroom, but you can also create a special room for the baby.

Hopefully the design examples above can be an inspiration to design a bedroom for the baby.

7. Minimalist Bedrooms for Toddlers

Toddlers usually like rooms with various colors. Various colors can trigger brain performance and increase the little one’s knowledge.

When designing a toddler’s bedroom, don’t use a high bed. Because it can be dangerous for the little one. Also try to choose a soft mattress and foam at every corner.

8. Bedroom Size 2 x 3

Even though it is built in a narrow space, this minimalist bedroom looks comfortable and nice.

Use your imagination to add some decorations to make it even more beautiful.

String lights can be a unique decoration for the bed. In addition to its unique shape, the rope lamp can also function as a light sleeper.

9. Bedroom Size 3 x 3

Most bedrooms have a size of 3 x 3. Even though the size is not too big, you can put a variety of furniture to support your activities.

If you are a student, adding a study table can be an option. Also make sure that the lighting in your room is sufficient to support your learning activities.

10. Most Popular Designs

The following bedroom designs are the author’s favorite designs. The wooden walls and the simple but luxurious interior are the reasons.

Wood-covered walls with natural motifs are attractive. One of the most interesting things is the table and lamps with exclusive designs.

11. Beds Without Headboard

Even though you use a bed without a headboard, the wall at the top can be a backrest for the bed.

Want to choose or not to use a headboard to suit your individual tastes. The most important thing is comfort when used.

12. Without Bed

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget to buy a bed. The design above can be an inspiration for you to make a minimalist bedroom.

Even without a bed, you have to still provide a base on the mattress so it doesn’t get dirty and damp easily.

13. Using a Pallet as Beds Base

One alternative to the mattress that you can use is pallet wood. Pallet wood was chosen because the material is easy to obtain and cheap.

So that pallet wood looks nicer, you can repaint it according to the bedroom theme you want to make.

14. Bedroom Without Window

Don’t worry if your bedroom doesn’t have a window. This can be overcome by installing bright lights. To make it look brighter you can paint and install the floor in white.

Then in order not to feel hot and humid, you can install the air conditioner.

15. Teen Girls Minimalist Bedroom

The following minimalist bedroom designs are perfect for young women. The room is designed with the main color white and the wooden floor.

To enhance the appearance, a pink decoration is added.

On the side walls are also installed shelves and hangers. You can use this section to store accessories such as bags, shoes and cameras.

16. Minimalist bedroom for boys

The minimalist bedroom design above is perfect for young men. Boys usually like dark colors and simple designs.

You can add a television so that it can be used as a medium for entertainment.

17. Children’s Room Bunk Beds 2

If you have two hearts, but only have one room. Plus the size is not too big, then a bunk bed is a solution.

You can sample the bunk bed design above to make a child’s bedroom.

18. White Color Bedroom

Designers chose white as the color for all the elements in the bedroom above. Starting from the walls, mattresses, to the floor are also white.

Besides looking modern, the design above is very easy to imitate. Besides being easy, it also doesn’t cost a lot, aka cheap.

19. Full of Plants

If you have a hobby of gardening or like looking at plants, the designs above can be a clue to make it happen.

There are various ways to put plants in the room. You can put it on the shutters, hang it up or just put it on the floor. Don’t forget to water regularly and provide enough sunshine to keep it fresh.

20. Cheap and Easy

This one design can be easily and cheaply copied. Decorations such as picture frames and lamps are only placed on the floor.

As a substitute for a table, use a box shaped like a tray or tray for placing alarms and drink bottles.

21. Multifunctional Design

The bedroom above uses a bed that can be converted into a sofa.

You can apply the design above to the guest room. So if there are no guests, you can use the room as a workspace or lounge to read books.

22. Modern Design

Minimalist design is actually the same as modern design. The design image above is one of the bedrooms that applies this design.

The lights on the walls and ceiling have a unique design. This can be an idea for a lamp in your bedroom.

23. Luxurious Design

Minimalist design can also look luxurious. The use of cream color with white combination makes it look luxurious.

The application of tiles to the walls and layers of the floor with a special motif makes it look magnificent.

24. Floating Bed

Floating bed is a creative and innovative idea. But keep in mind to consult an expert when it comes to making it.

Because of course you don’t want a place to relax you can be a disaster.

25. Black and White

Black and white or monochrome designs are very popular. You can be creative by choosing furniture with unique shapes to make it look more exclusive.

No need to be afraid to try, because this can train your imagination and creativity.

26. Elegant Design

The window illuminates the space and can also avoid a narrow impression in the bedroom. Windows are also important to increase breathing space. That is why the bedroom has a window through which light and air enter.

How glourious it looks if you add large glass windows to the bedroom.

27. Brick Wall

28. Minimalist Bedroom in The Attic

29. There is A Computer Desk

30. Rooms with Work Desks

31. There is A Standing Glass

32. Metal Wall Decoration

33. Upholstered Headboard

34. Bedroom with Swing

35. Apartment Minimalist Bedroom

36. Girls Bedroom Design

37. Boys’ Room

38. Children’s Room in Black

39. Korean-style minimalist Bedroom Idea

40. Japanese Style Minimalist Bedroom

41. Yellow Color Bedroom

42. Narrow Hallway

43. Romantic Minimalist Bedroom Design

44. Retro Bedroom Design

45. Master Bedroom Design

ou should buy a good bed with adequate lighting and choose a wooden floor or carpeting that helps keep your feet warm.

Just add a few pictures, green plants, choose simple but impressive night lights, the room will come alive.

With the bedroom, you limit choosing too hot tones, choosing gentle landscape pictures. Most families today prefer neutral tones such as gray, beige, black, white, and brown wood.