21 Inspiring Modern Living Room to Adopt

MODERN LIVING ROOM – Do you dream to have the best living room in the neighborhood? The fact that living room provides first impression for the entire space of your house, it requires extra attention. You cannot choose random design concept for it will end up bringing confusion for your guests. Worry not, modern living room comes to offer you solution for simple yet stylish room idea.

When it comes to modern, there are not many things to employ. The clearer your space, the better it will be. Color choice also contributes to evoking the modern nuance within the living room. And the most important is furniture arrangement that you should never forget. Thinking about those things is overwhelming, but looking at these examples will be far easier. Check out these inspirations!

1. Modern is Warm – Living Room

Raven Inside Interior decoration

If you believe modern is cold, you need to make up your mind. A modern corner can be warm and comfortable. All you need to do is choosing appropriate furniture that will elevate your coziness while snuggling on it.

This living room idea employs soothing palette with sleek lines. It combines minimal and modern nuance, making it a cozy place to spend time with family or relatives. Do not forget the soft furnishing and warm finish, too.

2. Artsy Modern Living Room

Michelle Lewis Layouts

Modern is not always plain. You may also opt for playful combination to live up your living room. This is what you need to do to have fun in the room. Light fixture with unique shape, abstract art, and various color, this combination works together to serve an outstanding living room.

Any of you have creative mind, this room idea is what you need to opt for. Do not bring your modern concept too serious and have fun!

3. Blending modern and traditional nuance

Murphy & Co

Have you ever thought to blend modern and traditional nuance in one room? A good thing from modern design is it can be easily combined with other styles, even the traditional one! This room idea comes with traditional nuance, yet the modern feeling cannot be ignored.

The transitional style is so appealing that can be appreciated by your guests, no matter how their taste is. Not to mention the large glass window provides natural illumination in to the room.

4. Modern White Space

Lori Pedersen House Hosting

Modernity can be evoked by white color scheme. At the time you have small space, white living room is a great choice to make your room looks wider. Combined with see through furniture, your vision will not be obstructed thus creating visually larger space.

Lori Pedersen Staging and Styling is the one behind this creative white living room. Employing modern light fixtures and artsy wall graphic, this is your choice for studio apartment.

5. Fireplace as Focal Point

Beinfield Design

Fireplace is versatile for any room including your living room. Good news, it can also serve as focal point. This living room inspiration employs a fireplace as its focal point, combined with dark focal wall that is not too flashy.

Even though it looks simple, both combination provides huge impact for the space. Metal panels that cover the wall offers texture that is unique. Overall, this minimal design brings huge result for the entire living room.

6. Live Up Your Room!

M House Inc.

Modern is not always boring. Now you can make it pop by employing bright color scheme. In the following living room idea, the bright yellow chair adds excitement to the room. The space designed by Shirley Meisels also comes with fireplace as its focal point.

To make everything better, patterned area rug blends nicely with yellow chair. Furthermore, glass coffee table does not make your room looks cramped. In short, this living room idea is great to define the new modern.

7. Unique Light Fixture

ZR Architects

Do you need something unique to elevate the value of living room? This idea is about to blow your mind, providing extraordinary hanging light fixture that enhances the beauty of your room. Designed by ZR Architects, it is obviously a desirable living room.

You will also notice the subtle yellow color scheme that somehow adds warmth into the room. Besides, it also makes your living room looks cozy to snuggle with minimalist chair as complement.

8. Neat and Clean

Susan Manrao Style

Living room with modern nuance is closely related to simple and clean-lined furnishings. If you are a person who loves something neat and clean, the following living room idea is surely for you. This living room employs clean-lined accessories with basic furniture, providing not only function but also beauty inside.

Designed by Susan Manrao, furniture with curve line and contras shape decorate the living room. Wall mirror with unique appearance combined with sculptural floor lamp makes this space looks dynamic and simple at the same time.

9. Bring The Outdoors Inside

D’Cruz Layout Group

Large windows become the most common element equipped in modern house. When it comes to living room design concept, bringing the outdoor inside is a great idea to evoke minimalist-modern nuance. Large glass windows does not only provide illumination but also style to the room.

The following living room design comes with wide space, which gets even wide by connecting with the outdoor. This idea can be adopted for both large and narrow living room. Grab some floor lamp to complement the modern look

10. Monochrome Graphic Art

ZR Architects

Modern design and black and white are complete package. To create a spectacular living room with modern nuance, opting for monochrome graphic is a great choice. The artistic graphic looks stunning when attached on clean white wall.

This is actually a great choice for contemporary room as well. Black and white creates neutral look, allowing you to combine with other design. From the picture, your mind will also be blown by unique floor lamp with extraordinary shape.

11. Gray Modern Living Room

Strategy London

For long time, gray has been chosen as a versatile color scheme for modern, contemporary, or minimalist design. This living room looks neutral in gray with a little bit touch of white. The design from Grand Design London appears cool yet beautiful, a perfect choice for living room with modern nuance.

To evoke urban look, you may opt for black furniture. With non-laminated wooden floor, this is a cozy space to spend quality time with friends or family.

12. Choose Your Statement

Nocile Hollis

It is always a great idea to choose one thing as a statement. The following living room, even though comes with modern design, employs unique console table with antique nuance. This creates statement inside the room.

Nicole Hollis as the designer employs console table with Moroccan nuance, putting a contrast with the other modern design. The piece catches attention, yet it looks harmonious with the other furniture pieces inside the room.

13. Look unique with mid-century accent

Third Rock

Modern design can be combined with the other design, even traditional one or mid-century. The following living room looks stunning with the combination of modern and mid-century look. You will notice the large window and glossy floor serve as modernity booster.

Meanwhile, the mid-century nuance is evoked by sunburst clock as well as Barcelona sofa and chair. Both designs create fresh appearance with a little bit of vintage touch.

14. Go Minimalist

The Hudson Firm

You can always choose minimalist flair when decorating a sleek living room. Bring minimalism into the room by adding some elements such as subtle wall color, minimalist furniture, and even monochrome graphic. Eliminate unnecessary furniture, accessories, and embellishment that will obstruct the minimalism.

Things to note, minimalist concept is identical with clear space and clean look. Let your sight be free with minimalist-modern nuance. The following living room is suitable for both wide and narrow space.

15. Show Your Personality

Amitzi Architects

Do you have fun personality but want to have modern room? Worry not, modern design can be interesting and fun, too! By adding one or two statement pieces, your living room will turn into an interesting and eccentric space to stay.

Combining light fixture with wall art, the room looks so modern and distinct at the same time. This is what you need to go to show your personality. Do not forget the important element of modern design with large glass window!

16. Mind The Plan

NDC Homes

Adding modern touch into the room can be accomplished by managing the arrangement. This can be the simplest and easiest way to evoke modern nuance into the living room. NDC Homes brings a new definition of modernity by eliminating sofa.

As alternative, place reclining chair with modern white in front of the fireplace. The reclining chair with Barcelona design serve a modern substitute to conventional sofa. Get monochrome area rug to enhance the modernity

17. Womanly Modern Living Room

Marina Dagenais

At the time you want to show your feminine personality, the following living room is a great choice to go. Employing white color palette, modern nuance is perfectly shown in this room. White is neutral and natural, allowing you to easily arrange the furnishings.

The furniture comes with curved lines and lean chandelier. Not to mention floral arrangement evokes feminine nuance into the room. Huge round mirror with border helps reflect anything in front of it as well as serve as additional decoration.

18. Modern Living Room with Blue Wall Surface


Modern living room is simple but it never goes wrong when you want to add a bit of dramatic touch. This following room idea looks intriguing and desirable with dramatic wall decoration. The abstract wall art puts a contrast with gray living room.

The theme is blue, making it looks modern and unique at the same time. Blue is also a color that evoke refreshing look that is why you can feel the tranquility. Combine with modern and minimalist furniture such as ball side table or lounge chair.

19. Relax Your Mind

Raven Inside Interior decoration

You can also bring relaxation into your living room with the right design concept. Take a look at this living room and you will instantly feel peaceful. It comes with stunning outdoor view with comfortable nuance inside.

Designed by Raven Inside Interior Design, the arrangement brings tranquility and coziness with comfortable sofa. Still the modernity feels so strong that comes from large glass window, floor lamp as well as panel wall.

20. Warm Shades in Living Room

Fiorella Style

A living room should be able to provide warmth. Employing warm colors such as brown or light beige is able to bring warmth. In this space, you will also be indulged with fireplace as well as abstract wall art that treat your eyes.

The combination of wooden built-in wall with soft-toned furniture creates desirable look. This modern style is definitely what you need to employ inside the living room. Furthermore, an area rug with gray color palette brings the entire room into a balance.

21. Simple is The New Modern

Apex Personalized Construction

Some people believe that modern is a design concept that is lack of personality. Gives ‘modern’ a new definition by transforming your dull living room into a modern one. The real modern means intriguing, warm, and surely cozy.

It may somehow lack of frills that might not be too simple for some people. In return, it gives sleek sensation that is not provided by the other living room concept. Choose subtle color to support the simplicity brought into the room.

22. Create sexy look

Sarah Akkoush

Modern is the new sexy. The following living room employs entirely charcoal color scheme, either from wall treatment, wall, and furnishings. The sexy cold space is combined with warmth from the fireplace, providing coziness inside the room.

Not only does it evoke sexy look, the living room also looks dramatic at the same time. Thanks to huge lamp floor with contrast lamp shade to add more dramatic touch into the room. Furthermore, anything is well arranged that your vision will be indulged.

Bringing modernity into the room is not a difficult task to do. By simply knowing the major concept of modern living room such as color choice, furniture arrangement, and other aspects, you will be able to create your own living room. Thing to note, modern design is not always cold and boring. You can also have fun by adding more pop colors as long as you know the limit.