30 Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Inspiration for Any Area

Summer is about to come and barbecue is the most anticipated activity by almost anyone. Nobody can resist the scent of spices and meat when cooked on a grill. You can simply enjoy the delicacy while having good conversation with family or friends. This is not a dream as long as you have outdoor kitchen and grill in your home. Good news, there are wide array of choices when it comes to open kitchen and grill.

Whether you are going to have outdoor party or family meal, outdoor kitchen will be a versatile equipment that goes to the top of your list. While bringing your kitchen set outside is impossible, you can opt for outdoor kitchen that is specially designed for outdoor area. Below, you are about to find wide array of ideas and choices for grill and outdoor kitchen that will realize your summer dream.

1. Embrace Nature

For a modern living space, ample outdoor kitchen will be a great addition to go. Extensive bifold doors connect the exterior and interior, evoking exclusive nuance in both areas. The outdoor kitchen employs gas grill combined with granite countertops. The customized cabinet helps accommodate your kitchen equipment for better use.

2. Mid-century Outdoor Kitchen

How about enjoying night party while grilling some barbecue with style? This open kitchen concept provides convenience and style at the same time. Side by side with pool, the outdoor kitchen feels so fresh that anyone will appreciate for having a nice backyard concept. Not to mention the fire pit that allows you to stay warm during the night.

3. Beachy Open Kitchen

3. Beach Beauty

Have you ever imagined how wonderful it is to have outdoor party by the beach? Realize your dream and get this beachy open kitchen. Without leaving your residence, you can have a beachy concept with the combination of soft blue and beige that resembles sky and beach sand. The countertop and built-in grill make a perfect outdoor kitchen.

4. Outdoor Kitchen with Flagstone

4. Cooking in Coronado

Redefine your backyard by employing this outdoor kitchen design. Coming with flagstone surface, the open area seems so great to spend quality time with families and relatives. It also reflects outdoor lifestyle. In this kitchen, you will get refrigerator, oven, grill, closets, and countertop as well as sink for complete use. The pergola can be a perfect place to hang string light for lively night party.

5. Hillside Open Kitchen

5. Noe Hill Eco Kitchen

Let’s cook from the altitude! Enjoying the hillside is getting more amusing while cooking. There is no better space than this, providing not only adorable view but also good food. The outdoor kitchen comes with complete set including fridge, cabinets, kitchen table and chair, and grill. Anything you want to it, just mention it.

6. Open Yet Secret

6. Secret Kitchen

This is a unique kitchen as it employs open yet secret concept. The kitchen is located in the backyard but is protected in the patio. If you want to hold a party without any of your neighbor notice, this is a great choice. Covered with limestone floor, this is an awesome open kitchen with country house nuance. It is getting much better with barn doors and antique chandelier.

7. Semi Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen and grill

The open kitchen concept comes from Queensland, Australia. This kitchen is exposed to nature but protected at the same time. Employing contemporary nuance, the semi outdoor kitchen is so complete that it even comes with bar. All the elements blend perfectly and naturally, allowing you to enjoy each cooking time.

8. Once Upon a Time Kitchen

8. Backyard Entertainment Area

This is an outdoor kitchen that brings you back to several centuries ago. The presence of rock fireplace and wood fencing creates traditional yet magnificent look. Employing natural stones, the open kitchen is so durable for any weather. No need to worry about scratch, wear, or tear since the materials are durable.

9. Country House Outdoor Kitchen

9. Agrarian Kitchen

At the time you are looking for a kitchen concept that is simple and easy to apply, this country house outdoor kitchen is what you need to consider. The stone kitchen allows you to get closer to nature, being the best option to spend this summer. The fire pit also provide great time when enjoying night with neighbor.

10. Open Kitchen in Suburban Area

10. A Summer Housejpg

A country house in suburban area sometimes comes with open kitchen. For summertime, this is a great place to spend time. Coming with Viking grill, timber louver and necklace light, this is what you need to enjoy summer night for family meal or party. The countertop also gives you ease in preparing foods.

11. Veranda Kitchen

11. Brick Porch Kitchen

Use the best out of your veranda by transforming it into an open kitchen. This outdoor kitchen is designed with block floor that showcase a nice look. Combined with complete appliances including air flow and barbecue grill, you can do night party while enjoying the summer breeze.

12. Go Rustic Area

12. Rustic Room

Rustic is a timeless design that is suitable for any space including outdoor kitchen. This is an open bar that looks informal, providing more intimate nuance while cooking. It equips fireplace, high kitchen table and stools to optimize your coziness. Do not forget the flat top that keeps direct sunlight away.

13. Free from City Crowd

13. Urban Farm Kitchen

Living in a crowded city is overwhelming, especially if you have a typical urban house. Bring something unusual by having your own urban farm kitchen. This spot allows to free yourself from city crowd and enjoy the breezy outdoor. Get some planters to complete your concrete flooring kitchen and grill.

14. Rocky Outdoor Kitchen

14. Step-Down Stone Kitchen

This is a spot that you need to hold a night party. The outdoor kitchen is designed with rectangular flagstone, showcasing a striking and smooth surface. You will be able to cook almost anything for the kitchen is equipped with various kitchen appliances including fridge, grill, and countertop.

15. Toronto Summer Kitchen

15. Cooking in Toronto

The combination of outdoor kitchen and pergola always creates a magnificent look. This is an inspiring idea of how you can arrange your summer kitchen. The stone countertop is completed with grill that is ready to accommodate your barbecue party. It also comes with fridge and counter for maximum use.

16. Outdoor Kitchen Under The Tree

16. Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day

Cooking under the tree sounds interesting. If you have the same thought, this outdoor kitchen idea is great to apply. Under an oak tree, you can have fun and do the cooking. Employing stone counter, grill, wooden kitchen table and guar railing, you will have the best outdoor kitchen in the neighborhood.

17. Brick Kitchen with Pergola

17. Freestanding Brick Unit

Brick has been used for centuries ago and it is known as a durable material for kitchen. Now you can bring them back to life by designing brick kitchen with pergola. It is combined with a grill, stainless steel closet and countertop to maximize its function. Not to mention string light makes your night livelier.

18. Outdoor Kitchen in Santa Monica

18. Santa Monica Slim

Having a space issue never becomes an actual issue if you know what to do. Take a look at this outdoor kitchen Santa Monica that uses the sidewall. Grill space is then integrated with counter and also cabinet. This is a great way to optimize your small space while still getting its function.

19. Rock Your Outdoor Kitchen with Rock

19. Dallas Stone Kitchen

Rock is everywhere. This best expresses an outdoor kitchen in Dallas that is entirely covered by stones. Adopting Mediterranean style, the kitchen features fridge, large grill, and stainless trash bin. For the flooring, this outdoor kitchen employs paver with herringbone pattern. The presence of cedar pergola increases the traditional nuance of this kitchen.

20. Wall-less Kitchen

20. Room Without Walls

While you love the concept of open kitchen but do not want to be actually exposed by sun, this is going to inspire you. The kitchen looks clean and organized, equipping granite table and stainless steel kitchen appliance. This allows you to enjoy open air yet still covered from the sun or rain. Invite your neighbor or friends and enjoy time under the cover.

21. Adopt from The South

21. Southern Comfortable

This is another outdoor kitchen that use up the veranda. The living space looks so warm and comfortable with brick wall. So does the kitchen, it is designed with brick counter as well as kitchen table. You will be able to enjoy each cooking time as it is features complete kitchen appliances.

22. Country Kitchen with High Ceiling

22. Big Sky Vibe

Are you interested with country design? Bring it to your open kitchen just like this picture. The kitchen features high ceiling and rodeo stools. It is majorly made from wood, starting from the floor to the ceiling. This kitchen is also equipped with grill, countertop, cabinet, and sink to help you out.

23. Coastline Contemporary

23. Coastal Contemporary

Contemporary is versatile to be combined with any concept including beachy one. This coastline kitchen looks fresh with wood fencing and tropical plants. It also features wicker chairs that boost up tropical nuance. This kitchen is equipped with grill, sink and countertop with unique pendant light fixtures with shade. Not to mention it also has wooden fence with harmonious color.

24. Rocky Outdoor Grill

24. The Whisper Rock Grill

Transform your patio into a cozy area for cooking and gathering. The patio has sedimentary rock paver with elegant backsplash. The open kitchen that is located in Phoenix, Arizona will be a great place to spend the night. Providing comfortable chair and coffee table, you can have a good conversation while cooking.

25. Shelter Kitchen and Grill

25. Shelter From the Rain

This is an outdoor kitchen that will protect you from the sun and the rain. Developed by Principle Builder, the Seattle kitchen is designed with roof covering. It comes with stone fireplace as well as stone countertop. Completed with grill and other kitchen appliances, you can optimize its function and have fun while cooking.

26. Mediterranean Kitchen in Outdoor Area

26. Bay Area Mediterranean

At the time you want to use Mediterranean concept, this outdoor kitchen will fit you best. The kitchen features outdoor fire place, allowing you to enjoy the night by the fire. The countertop and flooring looks great with New England blue stone. This kitchen equips grill, sink and cabinet for the best function.

27. Texas Kitchen

27. Hot Texas Nights

Texas is well known for its night life and you can adopt a little bit of its concept to your kitchen. This outdoor cooking space is designed with overhead inlaid-wood that gives warm ambience. Featuring fireplace and unique light fixture, this open kitchen is a perfect spot to hold a night party for any season.

28. White Mediterranean Kitchen

28. Well-Equipped Mediterranean Kitchen

Redefine your kitchen by furnishing with Mediterranean furnishings. This gives a nice experience to cook outdoor, even at night. The Mediterranean kitchen features cabinets, fridge, grill, sink, and wide array of kitchen appliances. Coming in white color, it makes a great choice for any house concept. Now you are ready for the party.

29. Outdoor Pizza Maker

29. Pizza in Manitoba

Are you a pizza lover? Order no more, now you can make your own pizza with this outdoor stove. This is even more interesting while having a great time with friends or families. Designed with Barkman Concrete, now you can get a new experience of eating pizza. And the most important, it is fresh from the stove. Also featuring kitchen table, you can directly enjoy the fresh pizza.

30. Chef’s Outdoor Kitchen

30. Chef's in the Center

It does not mean you have to be a real chef to use this kitchen design. This open kitchen employs stacked-rock counter with granite countertop. It also features grill, sink, and cabinet to make you feel like a real chef. Designed with overhead light, it assists you to cook properly even at night. Now your night party will be more attractive.

There is nothing more interesting than having a great time in the outdoor. And the most exciting outdoor activity is cooking any kind of food, whether it is barbecue or pizza. These ideas of outdoor kitchen and grill help realize your dream of having wonderful moment with people you love. Get one of these open kitchen ideas and be ready to host the coolest night party ever! The most important, be ready for summer!