13 Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas to Spice up Your Home

Home is a place that makes you feel welcome and comfortable, the one destination where you can be yourself. Most people spend time and effort or even pay an interior designer to build up that feeling. What they often overlook is the outside appearance of their house, despite it is what greets people first when they see your home.

Here are some outdoor wall decor ideas for you to spice up your home!

Bring the Best Out of Yourself Outside!

If you think that your outdoor space is too bland and need something to freshen it up a bit. You may want to look into wall decoration. It is the easiest one that you can do right away without having to put much effort.

Though you still confused and you have no idea what to do with your outdoor space, you can start by looking at this list and find some inspiration that suits your style.

1. Number Plague

1. Modern House Numbers

Having the number of your house written on your wall not only can serve as a decorative piece but also has a practical purpose. It is the way to identify which one is your home when people are trying to visit you for the first time. You can pick a plague that also will go well with your interior decoration.

You can match them by color pallets or by style.

A metal plague is easy to find online or even in your favorite department store. Metal will give your place an elegant and luxuries look to your outside house.

If you think that it is not the feeling that you want your guest to have, you can choose a wooden plague, it will give you a more homey feeling that is created from the warm of its wooden color.

2. Wreath

2. The Big Wreath On Th Wall Annie Spratt

Hanging wreath is always on-trend, especially around seasonal holidays.

If you want, but one that is appropriate with the season to bring the festive outside your house too. It is easy to make so you can do that as a DIY project with your family as an activity together.

It would be amazing if each family members lend their hand to make your house pretty!

You can do one for each season if you like.

Wreath made out of Christmas decoration always seems to heighten up your holiday spirits! In the summer, you can make one with your kids using flowers that you pick on your garden.

It is a great opportunity to improve your children’s creativity with something fun!

3. Welcome Sign

3. Welcome Sign

Nothing is more welcoming than a welcome sign, one that you put on your door will be a cute way to spice up your place. It has been an old trick for an obvious reason that it just looks so perfect hanging on your door.

A lot of people sell their creations online. You can find one with a lower price on many shops on Etsy or Amazon.

Though, if you want to be unique, you should put your own twist on it, like making a chalkboard sign, one that you can write little cute messages for your guest when they reach your door.

If you want to, you can put it above your doorway too. It will look different than a typical welcome signs that your neighbors have.

4. Hanging Planter

4. Hanging Planter

Greenery is the best thing you can put as decoration if you want to make your home feels more welcome.

Besides, looking at trees and plants just bring peace into your life! Hanging planter can be one solution of bringing them into your porch if you don’t have that much space to work with. It will be out of your way, so little to no place will be taken if you use this wall decor ideas.

The best plants that you can put in your hanging planters will be plants that grow in vines. They are all over Instagram and Pinterest now.

Plants like in those Pothos family will look exceptionally amazing. With all of the vines hanging out of the pot, it looks like a picture-perfect décor. Choose this decor idea if you want your house to have a fresh look.

5. Candleholders

5. Hanging Candle Jar

There is something about candle light that is super romantic and brings out the cozy to your place. It just looks so pretty to look at.

Candleholders on your outside wall will be a great idea that you can do a DIY project on. Just use spare mason jars that you have, then secure it with metal hooks to hang it on your wall.

If you have the materials lying around your house already, this project will cost next to nothing and can easily be done in under an hour.

Aside from the look, having candle holders on your wall with a candle burning inside them would create an amazing smell on your porch.

Choose the type of smell that you want to evoke the feeling into your outdoor area. A smell like lavender is amazing for your summer months, while things like vanilla based smell will be perfect for winter times!

6. Wall-Mounted Shelves

6. Wall Mounted Shelves Outdoor

Wall-mounted shelves the only purpose is not limited as interior pieces alone.

If inside your home you can use it as large wall decor ideas for living room, on the outside of your house wall you can incorporate it too as a potholder.

It becomes super trendy these past few years since that it looks super pretty with little cactus and succulent prop there. Your place would automatically look Pinterest-y.

If you want to try a different look, you can also put some of your unique decor pieces like small statues from the places that you have vacation into or a welcome sign that you love.

Your hanging selves can really represent the style of your indoor aesthetic as well as showing your true character as a person. So, decorate it much as you like!

7. Painting

7. Butterfly Wall Painting

Who said that you can only put your painting inside as large wall decor ideas for living room?

Breaks the rule and put a painting on your wall as outdoor wall decor ideas to give your home a unique and edgy look. You can put a big wall painting as your main piece of decoration outside your home, and make it as the center of attention whenever you have guess walk over!

Though, maybe put a cheaper painting that you own, like the one that you get on garage sale.

You wouldn’t want you expensive and rare painting to be put outside.

Oh, no! it would be bad if you wake up and finding only the nail hooks left from your decoration. Don’t put tears to your own eyes by doing that!

8. Flower Box

8. Flower Box

This idea is one that you should implement into your wall decor.

Flower boxes that are mounted under windows panes are amazingly gorgeous for your outdoor.

If your aesthetic is inspired by French styles, then you know you want this one. All of the old French houses always have flower boxes under their window’s panes.

Flower boxes are also a great way to give a new looks over your old outdoor paint job on your windows and walls.

If you don’t have the budget yet to repair your outdoor, having well-kept blooming flowers on your wall will give the impression that you take care of your house properly instead of just looking gloomy from outside perspectives.

9. Fairy Lights

9. Fairy Light Elly Fairytale

Yes, yes, yes! This one is a favorite for wall decor ideas.

How can you not?

Lighting fairy lights by your porch area automatically turn it into a perfect picture movie scene!

It gives your place a romantic turn at night. Couple with a swing and a glass of wine, then, you are complete to have a night out of a teenage girl’s dream.

Having fairy lights on your wall will also be an amazing background to take your photo with.

Just imagine how Instagramable that picture would turn out to be. You and your family members can take each other’s in front of your wall decor.

It would be the spot for your family to hang out outside while enjoying each other’s company.

10. Outdoor Wall Lights

10. Outdoor Wall Light

While on the same topics of lighting, you need to check this wall light outdoor wall decor ideas that seriously is going to change your place.

I don’t know about you, but walking to a home that has a vintage wall light hanging near its door gives a vibe of going back through time. It was as if you were on a Pride and Prejudice’s timeline or something.

You can also take a completely different route with your wall lights.

Put a contemporary piece to make greet you guest with modern feeling.

If you have a minimalist style, it may suit you better to put a simple look in your lights. Seeing that many of the vintage wall lights on second-hand shops have complicated design, you best find your decoration on stores like IKEA.

11. Art Light

11. Star string Light Julia Volk

You can make your house stand out more at night with an art light that you can mount on the wall. It is something different that has been on the rise lately because it looks super adorable.

A hanging art made out of strings of lights is small enough that it will overpower your outside wall but it will definitely give your home an elegant look.

The shape of your creation can be anything that you like.

Pour your artistic abilities into this. Some cute ideas would be a silhouette of a city line, a cloud, or a map. And if you really don’t have an inspiration and stuck on what to make, just write your own name or make a heart shape.

Though it may look lame, but you’re never going get wrong with a love sign. You can also go on Google and copy some of the design that you like. As long as you don’t monetize it, you would be allowed to use it.

12. Hanging Bottles

12. Hanging Bottle for Flower

Have you ever seen hanging bottles on modern cafes that many people hang out on?

Yes, copy that!

It usually consists of more than two small bottles connected by metal chain or a really strong wire.

You can DIY this method if you want to try. It’s fairly simple to make one your own despite how it looks. You can get a set of bottles with colors that you like. Whether it was green, clear, brown, or other colors, it still would really cute.

Make it prettier by filling you small hanging bottles with plants that can grow without soil.

The most perfect choice would be air plants as you don’t have to worry about watering it as much, but it can hard to manage. The live or death of your air plants really depends on the weather.

Plants that can grow only using water would look amazing too on you hanging bottles. But, you need to frequently change the water, because over time it can look so gross.

13. Picture Frames

13. Picture Frame fo Outdoor Wall Decor

Hanging spare or unused picture frames that you have can be one of your ideas to decorate your outdoor space.

Many houses use this method to decor their wall. You don’t have to put actual pictures inside your frames. The frame-only look is what’s really popular.

It is best if your frames are not the same, a mismatch arrangement will look better compare to a uniform look. Try this one as it is really simple. You just need the frames and some nail, you are good to go!

Your outdoor area is as much important as your indoor one. You need to make each space cozy and comfortable for you to live in. A beautifully decorated house that represents your character and aesthetic can leave a great impression on your guests or even to people that are just passing through.

Besides, decoration for your outside wall doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make a lot of DIY projects on your own or with your family as an activity of your bonding time!