20 Best Shade Garden Ideas That Relaxing

1. Shade Perennial Garden

There are lots of other Perennials for Shade, but I am listing the ones I am most familiar with and have actually grown.

hosta, ferns, lamium, bugleweed, bleeding heart, astillbe, goatsbeard, brunnera, corydalis, ligularia, coral bells, lungwort (pulmonaria), hydrangeas, jacob’s ladder (polemonium), foxglove, columbine (aquilegia)

2. Shade Container

3. Corner Yard

4. Shady Border

5. Small Yards with Bench

Small Yards with Bench
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6. Japanese Style

7. Flower Shade Garden Ideas

8. Front Yard

9. Stunning Design

10. Backyard

11. Garden Bed

12. Natural

13. Beautiful

Beautiful Shade Garden Ideas
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14. Dry Shade Garden

15. Tiny

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16. Cottage

Cottage Shade Garden Ideas
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17. Plant Vegetables

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18. Tropical

19. Side Yard

Shade Side Yard
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20. Colorful