28 Most Decorative Shelving Ideas that Bring Your Room Out of This World

Decorating a room can be managed in so many ways, start from adding pictures to decorating shelves. What shelving ideas would you like to apply in your room, anyway?

Which one do you prefer: DIY shelves or store-bought ones? To some people, store-bought shelves might be their favorite since they don’t have enough time or idea. So, they ended up choosing what’s practical for them.

On the other hand, some people might choose a DIY shelf instead for it can be adjusted in any room or corner as perfect as they need to be. A shelf can be either expensive or cheap depending on what material it’s made of or what design and functionality it can offer you.

I’m going to show you a bunch of impressively stunning shelves ideas that I’ve gathered that, hopefully, it can spruce your room up a bit. A room can describe petty much about your personality whether it is messy or tidy.

Anybody can get either thoroughly amazed or disgusted when looking at your room. So, organizing your room by installing proper shelves would help you build a nice image in people’s eyes.

1. Square and Square

Square and Square
  • Set the shelves on the corner
  • Put things that you frequently use
  • Limit things you shouldn’t use here

From the bedroom to the bathroom, I’m going to give you some brilliant ideas in decorating your room using shelves. You can put lots of stuff on the shelves range from something small to the big one.

Some stuff such as books, artworks, and even plants can be placed there to make your space look a bit lively.

2. Straightforward Look

Straightforward Look
  • Balance the shelf
  • Keep it simple

In a spacious bedroom, it’ll allow you to decorate with many things including long shelves. But you can still be happy with small shelves since it can make your room clean.

This shelf can be said a unique one with limited things on it. There are books set in each box on the shelf.

3. Calm Ambiance

Calm Ambiance
  • Make it look comfortable
  • Keep it clean
  • Match it with the rest

If you’re not very fond of a shelf with a complicated style, this one would be perfect for you. This open shelf fits to put your books in it. The wall and shelf have a matching white and blue color that creates a cool look.

Your room looks spotless and comfortable to sleep in and it’ll allow you to find things effortlessly.

4. Well Arranged

Well Arranged
  • Simple design
  • Comfortable atmosphere

This room has simple yet cool shelving ideas. It doesn’t look like a kid’s bedroom due to its cluttered-free space. With a comfortable environment, your kids can have a good sleep and can do school projects better.

An effective shelving design can improve the look of your room. It can also make good artsy stuff on the wall.

5. Artsy Look

Artsy Look
  • Stylish shelf
  • Match well in the living room

The bedroom isn’t the only place that needs to be adorned with a stylish shelf design – the living room too shall be given the same idea. These days, people tend to have a new, flat TV than the old one.

Your shelf will perfectly fit with the flat TV as shown in this picture. The living room looks much more elegant.

6. Display Your Artwork

Display Your Artwork
  • Make it as an exhibition
  • Simple design
  • Exhibit your works

For you who are passionate about arts, installing shelves can be a clever way to get your works displayed.

The shelves don’t have to look impressive; you just need to show your artworks to attract some attention. They should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the stuff you put on them.

7. Impressive Design

Impressive Design
  • Elegant look
  • Dark color scheme
  • Bright with lights

Look how elegant this shelf is. It’s really satisfying to watch this shelving design in your home. The shelf comes in a dark color and is equipped with small lights.

The width and height are designed to fit with things you place on it. This stunning shelving idea can be the inspiration to create your own.

8. Minimalist Look

Minimalist Look
  • Make a good combination with brick walls
  • Minimalist touch
  • Save more space

Floating shelves are common and quite popular among homeowners. They’re installed since floating shelves are simple yet stunning. It’s in a way where they leave a minimalist touch on the wall.

They look naturally appealing when merged with brick walls. With floating shelves, you can save some more materials and space.

9. Twin Shelf

Twin Shelf ideas
  • Precision design
  • Unique appearance
  • Soothing ambiance

I love this room with a unique design including the ceiling, pendant light, and of course the shelving– even the color scheme looks soothing.

The shelves are precisely designed to look similar side to side that shows the designer’s delicate work.

10. Vital Element in the Kitchen

Vital Element in the Kitchen
  • Huge shelving design
  • Able to store lots of stuff
  • Essential storage

You’re absolutely in need of shelving ideas for the kitchen. It’s a place in which a lot of stuff should be well arranged unless you’re going to have some problem when working there.

Kitchen shelves are needed and they’re vital. They can provide some additional space where you can set kitchen utensils.

11. Hanging Corner Shelf

Hanging Corner Shelf
  • Make use of the corner
  • Measure space in between
  • According to your needs

What about the corner? Every room must have a corner. This is when you can adorn the corner or maximize it by installing some shelves. You can decide whether to use long or short corner shelves as you want.

Be sure to measure the space for each shelf. It is so to put other stuff under since it perfectly fits.

12. Match the Color

Match the Color
  • Blend the color
  • Maximize the space

Some people love to mix things with different colors and styles, but if you’re interested in having a room with just one tone, in particular, paint the shelves with the same shade as the rest.

Shelving ideas can maximize the empty space on the wall. It would be such a shame if you don’t make good use of it.

13. Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom Shelf
  • An essential addition to the bathroom
  • Clean space

It seems that every room in your home must have at least one shelf attached to a wall. This bathroom is definitely not that different. You have to admit that shelves are essential including in the bathroom.

It can organize your bathroom to have a cluttered-free space, and you’ll find it happy when seeing the bathroom clean.

14. Stunning Wooden Shelf

Stunning Wooden Shelf
  • Well blended
  • Stunning walls
  • Warm and welcoming look

Beauty can be achieved when things blended nicely in terms of color, design, and efficiency itself. And this bathroom has lots to offer from stunning terracotta walls, a big mirror, and the stunning wooden shelves.

Terracotta tiles leave an old-fashioned atmosphere in the bathroom. Meanwhile, the wooden shelves give a warm and welcoming look.

15. Thick Wooden Shelf

Thick Wooden Shelf
  • Towel rack
  • Simple design

You might be having a hard time if there aren’t any shelves in the bathroom. Where are you going to put your towel, then?

That’s why shelves can be everywhere as long as you can use and apply them properly. These shelves might be small but they’re really helpful.

16. Clever Rope Shelf

Clever Rope Shelf
  • Smart life hack
  • Genuine design

You might be surprised a shelf out of ropes can be made. Yes, this picture shows a good example that you can certainly try.

I think the bigger ropes you use, the nicer and stronger it would be. But the size is certainly up to your need.

17. Beach-Themed Shelf

Beach-Themed Shelf
  • Unique shape
  • Bring beach-themed atmosphere

Make your bathroom look pretty with this wall-mounted shelving. It has a nice shape that’s pleasing to watch. It’s actually a simple design, but so entertaining.

The color is meant to be merged with the bathroom wall. Putting sea creatures’ shells would leave a beach-themed ambiance to your bathroom.

18. Dark Ladder

Dark Ladder
  • Simple yet durable
  • Stunning dark color

A ladder can also make an awesome shelf in your home. Trust me! Take a look at this dark metal bookshelf. It looks fantastic and durable at once. If you prefer a DIY ladder shelf, create it using hardwood or any other good material.

19. Ultimate Bookshelf

Ultimate Bookshelf
  • Brilliant idea
  • Squeeze your imagination

Unique design shows tremendous perseverance of its creator. It’s not only about creativity and imagination but you need to be thorough when designing this stuff. Or else, you won’t get the good and perfect look like the result. So, you must use a good calculation.

20. Pretty Corner Shelf

Pretty Corner Shelf
  • Mini shelf
  • Give the best look

A shelf can be anywhere in your home and it doesn’t have to be hanging on the wall. When you want to adorn your corner, do that by putting a mini corner shelf there.

Now your corner looks much better and you still have plenty of space in the room since it is fairly small and thin.

21. Pegboard Shelving Idea

Pegboard Shelving Idea
  • Clever storage idea
  • Lots of benefits
  • Many uses for solving everyday problems

A pegboard is one of many clever ideas you can utilize for storage. In this case, you can make use of it for exhibiting plants, pictures, or jars on the wall.

Pegboards typically also have so many uses as well. If you have some problems relating to messy cables, using pegboards can solve them.

22. Caddy Shelf

Caddy Shelf
  • Ultimate creativity
  • Smart notion
  • Clear look

Don’t limit your creativity only by using some common materials to make shelves. Don’t you know that a shelf or rack out of caddy can be made?

This caddy rack might trigger you to adopt and give this idea a go. It looks spotless when you put spice in jars on the rack.

23. Pipe Shelving Idea

Pipe Shelving Idea
  • Unique material
  • Splendid design
  • Ingenious uses

You can even create a stunning rack out of pipes. With a little bit of imagination, you can turn pipes into this useful shelving.

Different styles are required if you want to make one for other storage. You can make bigger or wider in order to put big stuff there.

24. Simple Shoe Rack

Simple Shoe Rack
  • Simplest design
  • Tidy space
  • Saving time

It’s ugly to see your shoes scattered everywhere as soon as you take them off like every day. Making a shoe rack would be a good idea to solve it.

Shoe racks typically come in simple shape. You don’t have to spend your time thinking about what shoe rack would fit for you since an ordinary one is enough.

25.  Pot Hanging Shelf

Pot Hanging Shelf
  • Well set
  • Various ways of designs
  • Hang them in plain sight

Seeing pots accordingly arranged in the kitchen is a pleasure. Hanging storage for pots can come in many different ways possible. The best suggestion would be to put them in plain sight.

Creating hanging storage can be done this way. Just use hooks and then hang them on a shelf where you can easily find.

26. Original Shelving Ideas

Original Shelving Ideas
  • Enormous storage
  • Very useful shelving ideas
  • Enlist them

Lots of stuff needs huge storage. This inventive shelving idea can be the solution. With many layers and spaces, you can put everything on this shelf according to their, types, items, and sizes.

If you, at the moment, face the same kind of problem, creating a big shelf will be a good encounter to shove it.

27. Adorable Box Shelf

Adorable Box Shelf
  • Make use of wasted boxes
  • Stunning appearance
  • Economical decoration

Don’t throw away your fruit boxes in your home. Why? It’s because you’re going to regret it after seeing this adorable box shelves being installed on the wall.

It looks so straightforward yet entertaining to watch. It’s obviously a cheap way to get a nice decoration in your home.

28. Cool Kitchen Shelf

Cool Kitchen Shelf
  • Big storage
  • Simple shelves on the wall

Walls have plenty of potential uses almost in every part in your home. You can paint them, hang a picture, or attach shelves for storage onto.

This brick wall is a big advantage for you to have some huge storage in the kitchen. They’ll help you save some vegetables, fruit, or kitchen utensils as well.

Basically, all kinds of storage are essential, no matter how small it is. Having shelving ideas mean assurance to plan and design, if not buy, ones specifically according to your preference and needs.