45 Small Backyard Ideas Modern, Beautiful, Simple

The backyard of the house is getting worn and unkempt? Want to give a new nuance and more colorful in your backyard? So that your housing feels more comfortable and more beautiful to look at.

The fact of family happiness, one of the factors is indeed the state of the home environment. The fact is, a happy family has a healthy and certainly good environment. So you and your family must start living happily in a good environment.

To help you realize a comfortable dwelling. In the following, we will present 45 ideas for making modern and simple backyard landscape. For those of you who have a small home page, no need to worry. You can apply for this design.

1. Contemporary Backyard with Shed

Small Backyard Ideas with Shed, Contemporary Style
Source: harringtonporter.com

The back garden design of the first house will be very suitable for those of you who like to store unused items. Because indeed one of the advantages of this one garden design is that there is a warehouse.

Here you can add benches or park chairs. So that you are with family, friends can relax while talking casually.

2. Pergola Swing

Pergola Swing
Source: homescapesconstruction.com

Furthermore, it can also make your home look modern and beautiful certainly. This backyard garden design is perfect for enjoying your afternoon or morning with your favorite snacks.

The concept in this design is to use the swing as the main accent. Surely you can use this swing to relax and play at any time.

3. Small Pool

Small Backyard with Pool
Source: betzpools.com

Here you will be relaxed with the small pool available. The pool can accompany you to spend time relaxing at home.

You can also add lounge chairs, to enjoy the sun. Guaranteed you will feel at home, and comfortable at home when choosing this one design.

4. Backyard Remake On a Budget

Backyard Remake On a Budget
Source: positivegarden.com

Your backyard can look more charming with this design. This design is perfect for those of you who adjust your budget. To make this design is not too difficult.

Simple is the most used concept here. So you don’t need to be hard to make this backyard design

5. Garden Without Grass

Small Backyard Garden without Grass
Source: harringtonporter.com

Next is a very unique backyard design. Because it can be ascertained here there are no grass plants. Only tree plants, and pretty flowers.

This concept will be very suitable for a minimalist style house. Not only that, but this concept is also very fitting to be applied in a nuanced home.

6. Small Pool and Fire Pit

Small Pool and Fire Pit
Source: tranquilitypoolsnj.com

Furthermore, it can be said to be a dream design of a million people. Because this design indeed combines a truly unique concept.

The interesting thing here is that there is a mini swimming pool. Also in the middle, there is a place to light a bonfire.

7. Fire Pit Table

Fire pit Table
Source: houzz.com/Cooke

Guaranteed in this place will be a favorite place with your family. Because indeed here you can do some fun activities.

Starting from lighting a campfire, to a barbecue party. You can also sit and relax while feeling the warmth of the fire.

8. Install Fire Pit and Grill

Small Backyard with Grill and Fire Pit
Source: harringtonporter.com

Furthermore, no less extraordinary than before. When you build the backyard design of this house. You will get some exciting activities.

You can cook meat on the grill, you can also sit and relax. And various other joyous activities

9. Unique Design

Unique Small Backyard Ideas
Source: trendecors.com

Surely when you see the backyard of this house will be amazed. Although sometimes built in a narrow space. But in fact, this design has its uniqueness.

It can be said if the backyard design of this house is an idol of young people. Because some of the existing accents are indeed very suitable as a photo object.

10. Kids Friendly

Kid Friendly Backyard
Source: hgtv.com

Your house is inhabited by small children? Looks like the design behind this one house will be right for you and small children at home.

It has a Kids Friendly theme, so you don’t need to worry when kids play here. Here you can make it a place to play while learning.

11. Vegetable Garden

small vegetable garden
Source: houzz.com

Next is a garden that was made in the backyard of the house for sure. This garden will be very suitable for you lovers of healthy food.

You can plant various vegetable plants here, start carrots, and more. You can also pick it anytime with family.

12. Simple Ideas

simple backyard ideas
Source: staghornnyc.houzz.com

There are more simple designs that are also amazing. Indeed, this design is suitable for those of you who do not like complicated.

You only need a few green plants. Besides, you can also add a comfortable wooden chair of course.

13. Small Backyard With Pavers

Small Backyard Ideas with Pavers
Source: rooftopia.com

Do you want to create a garden design but are constrained by the size of a narrow backyard? This one design seems like you can make an option or reference.

This design you can use as a place to relax. You can also use it as a place for discussion

14. Cool Backyard Ideas

Cool Small Backyard
Source: pinterest,com

The design for your backyard henceforth is often called stunning and enchanting. Because indeed look great, if the modern nuance is here.

The concept used is indeed amazing, between trees, and also other accents. All so right and cool.

15. Whimsical Backyard

whimsical small backyard
Source: nozdesign.co

Surely some of you are wondering why this one design is called weird? At first glance, it does seem the difference compared to design in general.

You could say if this one design resulted from thinking out of the box. This design can also be said to be far from the mainstream word.

16. Cheap Small Backyard

cheap small backyard ideas
Source: laurelgardendesign.com

To build a backyard this concept does not require expensive costs. The cost you have to pay to make this park is indeed cheap.

The main ingredients to make these are some fresh plants. And also the stones around the house.

17. Asian Partial Sun Backyard

Asian Partial Sun Backyard
Source: gardenstructuresandmore.com

Do you want to see the backyard of a house like the nuances of a typical Asian country? So this garden design is the answer.

The design of this dream garden is also very beautiful and enchanting. Especially when entering the morning. Beautiful scenery and beautiful will be presented here.

18. Backyard Oasis

Small  Backyard Oasis
Source: christywebber.com
Small  Backyard Oasis
Source: christywebber.com

Furthermore, it also combines modern, beautiful, and simple nuances. The right home building design for this design is the American style.

Here also built sidewalks that can be used to walk around the park. You can also take pictures here with your family.

19. Play Spaces

Play spaces
Source: dreamlandsdesign.com

One more backyard design that is very kids friendly. So you don’t need to worry if children get bored playing inside the house.

You can also do some exciting activities. Like camping, or camping, and many others.

20. Trendy Small Backyard

triangle Small Backyard Ideas
Source: staghornnyc.houzz.com

A glance when you see this design firsthand. Surely you will think if this one design is very trendy and attractive.

You can make some exciting activities here. Starting from taking pictures with the family, to enjoy the night while drinking a cup of coffee.

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