20 Vegetables Garden Ideas, Green, Easy, and Inspiring

A vegetable garden is a good idea to make your home more refreshed. Below we will present 20 ideas for creating a vegetable garden. Even to make it is not difficult. So here it is, some ideas to make a vegetable garden, so that your housing is more fresh.

1. Healthy Backyard

Are you learning to live a healthy pattern? It seems that this type of garden can help you. With a variety of green plants, can add to your nutritious intake.

  1.  Tomato
  2. Watermelon
  3. Banana Pepper
  4. Pimento Pepper
  5. Cucumber

2. Use Container for Planter

This type of garden is perfect for those of you who are completely perfect. Because in this one vegetable garden all plants will be given a special container to make it look neat.

3. Box Planter

Vegetable Garden Box
Source: topspray.com

All plants are placed in a wooden box and then neatly arranged. Of course the plants planted here are all healthy, like mustard greens and others.

4. Raised Beds

This one garden design is arguably modern. Because this one garden design is used for American style homes.

5. Maximize Small Spaces

With a small room you can maximize it by creating a simple vegetable garden. You can freely arrange and arrange the layout of each plant.

6. DIY Vegetable Planter

The concept used in this pretty park is simple but beautiful. You can plant various small size vegetable plants here.

7. Deer Fencing to Protecting from Rodent

Take it easy plants that you plant in this garden will not be eaten by rodents. So you don’t need to worry about this.

8. Build in Enclosure Area

A beautiful and charming garden design. Coupled with various trees that surround the wooden building. Makes anyone feel attracted here.

9. Raised Garden Planter

Variety of vegetables such as mint, eggplants can be planted here. The most unique thing in this park is using wood instead of pots.

10. Small Patio Vegetable Garden

Source: flickr.com/Kcline

Small space does not mean to be a reason not to be creative. By using this vegetable garden concept, you can get a unique view in a narrow room.

11. Pathway for Maintainance

You only need to prepare a piece of land and a long rope. The function of the rope is as a path between plants to facilitate maintenance.

12. As Border

The next vegetable garden design is As Border. Using a thick and long box, thus making the plant more organized.

13. Wood Gate

Wood Gate for Vegetable Garden
Source: omaha.com

As the name implies, this garden design idea uses wood as the main ingredient. The wood is shaped like a fence and gate.

14. Trellis

Next is a vegetable garden that can be said to be very interesting. Because this garden uses trellis as a medium for plant propagation.

15. Make It Shade

Park with a concept that is arguably unique. Because this vegetable garden has a characteristic that is plants that can be made for shade.

16. Garden Deck

Next is the garden deck. This garden design can be very easily found in a modern semi-classic style house.

17. Front Yard

Guaranteed after you make this one garden design. The air quality around your house is more beautiful and cool. Because of the many green trees. ‘

18. Netting for Protection

Use nets or nets as a medium to protect vegetables from pests. Then you do not need to worry when leaving this one favorite garden.

19. Keep Safe with Fence

Your plants will remain safe with a fence installed. In addition to protecting plants, this fence also functions as decoration.

20. Make a Wood Pallet Garden

No different from other types of vegetable garden designs. This one garden design uses wood as the most important element. The wood is shaped like a container for growing various vegetables.