Most Creative Easy DIY Wood Pallet Furniture Project Ideas

Wood pallets have been widely used for various purposes like storing larger items and shipping. Apparently, they can do more than that. In fact, they can be turned into wood pallet furniture that complements your home décor.

Turning wood pallet into a more useful thing has been on trend now. The main reason is that repurposing unused items can give you the most without burning a hole in your pocket. So, it is the safe bet for those who are tight in budget.

Besides, making wood pallet furniture entails your creativity, which means you are going to do a fun project. Make a coffee table, headboard, sofa, you name it! Since you make it yourself – or have it made –personalize it to your liking.

Another benefit of having wood pallet furniture as your home décor is you can add the touch of a rustic look to the home, making it look a bit classical. Even a modern home needs a little bit of rustic look sometimes.

So, don’t fail to notice the great potential of this once-and-done packaging piece. These wood pallet furniture ideas will show you that worn wood pallet can make your home look chic.

1. Movable Coffee Table

Movable Coffee Table

This coffee table is simple yet functional. It has an open space that you can use to store a few books or magazines. It also features four casters that allow you to move it wherever wanted easily.

This coffee table is a DIY-friendly project. Here is what you need to do:

  • Stack two wood pallets.
  • Screw them to make a sturdy table.
  • Add four casters to make it movable.

2. A Multipurpose Table

A Multipurpose Table from Wood Pallet

This multipurpose table is your next way to go. Even if you are a novice, you will be able to make it yourself with some assistance or without any. Just get two metal table legs and attach them to the wood pallet to make a table instantly.

You can use this table to display your indoor garden or get some dining chairs to turn it into a dining table.

3. Modern yet Rustic

Modern yet Rustic wood pallet

Wood pallet furniture is usually synonymous with a rustic look. But, it does not mean that it will not look good in a modern home.

This living room looks modern yet rustic. The clean-line edges of the wood pallet combined with the black sofa provide the touch of the modern look.

Two stools sit next to the coffee table, offering an additional seat. The sofa features four casters that allow it to be movable.

4. Tint The Surface

Tint The Surface wood pallet

If you think that a pallet coffee table is rather boring, try staining it a little bit just like this one. Different shades of brown are seen on this table well, creating a distinctive pattern that makes it look exotic.

The table also features two drawers that host small and thin items like books, newspaper, or magazines. You cannot just toss everything in them, though.

5. Outdoor Pallet Sectional Sofa

Outdoor Pallet Sectional Sofa

This is another idea of easy-to-build furniture. To get this sectional sofa, you can stack up two wood pallets and screw them together, then get another for the back. And, you are good to go.

To make it more appealing, stain or paint it as you please. You can also add sofa cushion foam to give the ultimate comfort when seated.

6. Swing Bed

Swing Bed

This swing bed will replace your hammock well. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as long as you have the spot to suspend it.

If you are going to make this bed for outdoor use, check out the simple steps as follow:

  • Get two wood pallets.
  • Screw them to form the bed frame.
  • Hang the bed using two ropes. If you want to have it indoor, install drywall anchor to the ceiling so the bed can hang safely.

7. Wood Pallet TV Stand

Wood Pallet TV Stand

Many people are dying for mid-century modern style. If you are one of them, this TV stand will be your next DIY project.

This TV stand is made of a wooden pallet that has been sanded and stained. Four hairpin legs are added to accentuate the mid-century modern style. Two open shelves are available to host DVD player and gaming console.

8. Coffee Table with Niche

Coffee Table with Niche From Wood Pallet

This stylish table is on trend now. It has a niche that packs a lot of fun. You can use the niche as an open tray to set down snacks. You can also use it to make your mini succulent garden to give it a lively lift.

You only need to place four wooden crates on a wood pallet. Make sure that the open part is facing out so you can have more storage space.

9. Headboard and Accent Wall

Headboard and Accent Wall

Have you made up your mind about investing in a headboard or an accent wall yet? Why don’t you just have both of them?

This headboard can also make a pretty good accent wall. The floor-to-ceiling headboard makes the area above the bed become more conspicuous. Attach two sconces on the headboard to get sufficient light in case you want to read something before sleeping.

10. Pallet and Spool Bench

Pallet and Spool Bench

This bench will jazz your garden or patio up. The unique design reminds you of a spool, which provides a distinctive look to it. And, yes. This bench is made of pallet wood and spool.

You only need to make the usual bench using the pallet wood. Then, add the top and bottom parts of a spool to anchor the bench on both sides.

11. Artistic Coffee Table

Unlike the usual pallet wood coffee table, this one features an artistic design with round edges.

Getting the round edges entails detailed cutting and sanding. It might be a bit hard, but it does not mean you cannot tackle it. This table also features an open shelf that you can use to stash books and magazines.

12. Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space

Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space

This coffee table will help you organize your living room better. If you are looking for a place to set down snacks when watching TV, it will be your best choice. If you are looking for additional storage space, it has got you covered.

This coffee table features:

  • An open space on top to store smaller items.
  • A few open shelves to store books.
  • A drawer to hide the clutter away.

13. Room Divider

Room Divider wood pallet

To make your small home feel more spacious, you have to ditch the wall and merge 2 or more rooms, which compromise the ultimate privacy. If that is the case, you surely need a room divider.

This room divider will be your greatest bet. Here are the benefits you will get.

  • It helps you maintain your privacy by separating two rooms without making them look cramped.
  • It can be your mini gallery.

14. Fancy Headboard

Fancy Headboard

Add more style to your bedroom with this fancy headboard. It is actually made from unused wood pallets that have been cut and carved meticulously to form curvy edges.

To make it look more fabulous, you can paint it the color of your choice. You can also match it to your wall so they will look like flowing into one being.

15. Bed Frame

Bed Frame wood pallet furniture

Making a bed frame does not have to be arduous. Even if DIY projects are not your thing, you can still get a mind-blowing bed frame without costing a fortune.

This bed frame, for example, is made of some wood pallets that are placed on the floor with a mattress put on them. LED fairy lights are installed inside the pallets to add a romantic ambiance to the bedroom.

16. Movable Bed Frame for Twin Bed

Movable Bed Frame for Twin Bed

This white bed frame is suitable to host a twin bed. It does not have to be white, though. But if you are into white, just paint the wood pallet to get a crisp white look or whitewash it for a little bit of rustic feel.

After painting or whitewashing the pallet, install four casters at the bottom so it can be moved easily.

17. Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack wood pallet

Shoes are the fashion items that are prone to clutter. When arrived at home, you simply throw your shoes on the floor, leaving them scattered on it. Well, stop that perpetual plight now as you can make a great shoe rack out of a wood pallet.

You only need to make some cutting so all your shoes can fit snugly into the rack, including the boots. So, problem solved!

18. Simple Bookshelf

Simple Bookshelf

Are you an avid reader who has lots of books at home? If your bookshelf is overloaded, it is time for you to make a simple bookshelf that incorporates additional storage solutions.

This bookshelf is simple yet functional. It is only made of a wood pallet that is attached on the wall. It is easy, isn’t it?

19. Open Shelf

Open Shelf from wood pallet

Showing off is not always that bad. When it comes to living room décor, show off everything you have. Therefore, you are going to need an open shelf that displays your valuable items.

You do not need to splurge out on that fancy open shelf found in a home-improvement store. Just grab a wood pallet, and you will get a nice open shelf on the cheap.

20. Rack for Your Mudroom

Rack for Your Mudroom

A mudroom is often overlooked just because it is the place where you hang your wet jackets and keep the dirty shoes so they will not ruin the hallway. If you find this kind of mudroom at home, organize it. You can begin by making a rack.

This rack infuses a rustic charm to your mudroom without compromising its function. To make this rack, you are going to need to:

  • Assemble the pallet using nails.
  • Adding the shelf to host glasses and caps.
  • Install the hooks to hang your wet jackets and umbrella.

21. Rack for a Coffee Bar

Rack for a Coffee Bar

This small rack can do a big thing. And a coffee addict has to make it for his bar because this rack features:

  • An open shelf on top to host saucers and cups.
  • The magnetic plate installed under the shelf allows you to attach mason jars.
  • Four hooks that you can use to hang aprons or cups.

22. Spice Rack

wood pallet Spice Rack

Instead of storing spices and condiments in the cabinets, it will be better if you store those mostly-used items on a spice rack and hang it on the wall.

This rack will not only make your kitchen look more organized but also save more time because you do not need to open the cabinet door to get the spice. Even in the middle of cooking, you can just grab the spice wanted in a jiffy.

23. Living Room Accent Wall

Living Room Accent Wall

This living room looks epic with the wood pallet accent wall. The use of various shades of earthy colors provides an upscale look to this mid-century modern living room. The color hues complement the furniture well.

To accentuate the style, you can try laying the wood pallets in herringbone style rather than the classic one.

Don’t let wood pallets lie in your storage room. They are waiting to be tapped and turned into a more valuable thing. These wood pallet furniture ideas are easy to make and will not make you broke.

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